The Garden Route

January 2, 2008 - Plettenberg Bay, South Africa


The next morning after breakfast we headed further east to experience part of the famous Garden Route.  Our first stop was a small beach town favoured by locals called Wildernis.  We checked into Beach House Backpackers and then headed to the beach.  As we walked along the beach, there were huge crowds of families and young people.  We watched the sunset before we headed to dinner. It was our first time on the beach on this trip.

The next morning we continued along the Garden Route stopping for breakfast in a very popular vacation town called Knysna (the 'K' is silent).  It was a hectic little town, reminding us of Grand Bend back home.  We then got back on the N2 to get to Plettenberg Bay (as the locals call "Plett").  Again a popular spot for locals, so much that it was difficult to find a place to stay the night.  Fortunately one of the shop keepers was nice enough to help us find accommodation.  Dave and I spent the afternoon laying on the beach and swimming in the Indian Ocean.  The beach was 6km long. Dave also walked out onto the rocks and caught a glimpse of 4 dolphins swimming by.  In the evening we headed out for dinner.  As a result of the town being so busy, all the restaurants that took reservations (most of them) were full but we were fortunate to get into an Italian restaurant before it started to pour down rain.


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