Arrival in Windhoek, Namibia

January 8, 2008 - Windhoek, Namibia

Windhoek, Nambia

We were picked up at 6am from our hostel by the taxi driver we had the evening before, Randall. He was a very friendly guy and we enjoyed talking to him about South Africa. Our flight to Windhoek didn't leave until 8:15, which is good because we not only waited in the wrong check-in line (not our first time on this trip) but in fact we were at the wrong terminal!

Namita and I arrived at the Windhoek airport to be greeted by our friends, Mark and Terry. We had met them on our trip to SE Asia and were very excited to be able to travel with them again. The four of us then headed to the lodge that we would ultimately meet up with our GAP tour group. The lodge seemed to be in the 'suburbs' of this relatively small city that is the capital of Namibia. We were in walking distance of a mall where we had lunch and ran some errands for our next adventure.



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Karen and Greg:
January 21, 2008
What an incredible, amzing journey you two are having !!!Anxious to talk to you in persom when you return. Great trip !! The Goudys
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