The Desert

January 9, 2008 - Solitare, Namibia

Solitare, Namibia

The next day the four of us rented a car (Toyata Condor- crossover vehicle) and headed to the desert - This is the Africa I had envisioned. The landscape was amazing! Our destination was the famous sand dunes of Sossusvlei. We drove 3 1/2 hours on dirt roads to reach our lodge. It was nice to do this part on our own as it allowed us the freedom to stop where and when we wanted, to take photos and take in the incredible view.  At one point of the drive a Springbok was right beside the road.  As we slowly approached it, the Springbok started to run so we sped up the car to drive along side of it.  It was running at a speed of almost 60km/h before it took off and ran into the bushes. 

Our lodge was in Solitare (Solitare Country Lodge). Solitare is made up of the lodge, a petrol station and general store. It is the closest lodge to the gates of the park that isn't really expensive. When I say closest, we were still 83km to the gates of the park and another 45km from there to our first stop in the park.  There was nothing between Solitare and the gates accept a hand full of lodges.


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