Return to Windhoek

January 12, 2008 - Windhoek, Namibia

We returned from Swakopmund later than expected, however, we still hoped to get some of our errands done (laundry, internet, food, etc.) before we started our overland (camping) tour.  To our disappointment and frustration, most of the places were closed - it was Saturday and in Windhoek most shops close by early afternoon.  This is just an example of the inconsistencies we would encounter from time to time.  I was mostly stressed about not getting our laundry done. Dave and I hadn't done laundry in awhile and we were just about to start a 10-day tour where we would not have access to any laundry facilities.  Dave on the other hand was more concerned about getting on the internet to further the blog.

So with none of our errands accomplished, we hung back at our hotel before meeting up with the tour group. We all joined up at a nearby restaurant. We met Steven who would be our guide and driver for the next 10 days and Jeffrey our cook (we were surprised to learn that our cook was only 19 years old!).  We also met the tour group members - some of them would be departing (the tour actually started in South Africa and we were joining in Windhoek 2 weeks in) and others were continuing on.  After dinner Steven explained to the group the plan for the next day - basically   we were going to make our way into the Kalahari desert.  We headed back to the hotel for a good night sleep - it was going to be our last night in a hotel for the next little while.

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