January 17, 2008 - Chobe National Park, Botswana

We arrived back in Maun after two days of camping in the Delta.  All of us were in desperate need of a shower and food.  Dave and I took a dip in the pool before cleaning up.  After lunch we left Maun to head to Chobe River (our last excursion in Botswana).  We travelled two days to get to our campsite near Chobe, and stayed at the "Baobob" campsite in between.

The plan was to take a boat ride along the Chobe River to see some game.  Just before we boarded the boat it began to rain and within 5 minutes of being on the boat it really began to pour.  With the strong winds everyone was soaked.  Poor Mark and Terry - While on the boat they remembered that they had left some of their clothes out at the campsite and forgot to close the outside coverings to their tent.

Early on the ride, the guide on the boat told us to keep quiet (so we could spot some game) but then further told us that if we weren't quiet he would turn the boat around.  We were surprised by this comment as it was his first warning to us and we all had paid for the tour. Eventually the rain subsided and we did get to see some animals.  In particular we saw a lot of hippo, both in the water and on land, as well as a crocodile.  We also saw some springbok and various bird species.


Birds Taking Flight
Hippo in the Rain
Bigger Stretch
Big Stretch


Rupesh Amin:
February 5, 2008
The pictures are surreal, almost as if you photoshopped yourselves in (???:). The Dunes, the Delta and Chobe all look incredible and the trip sounds amazing. Aside from the -20 weather, work and lack of game in my backyard, I feel like I am right there. Honestly great job on the write-ups and pics, truly appreciated. Glad you're having a great trip.
February 6, 2008
These pictures are fantastic... Dave should be a photographer for National Geographic.. or is he?

I can't tell you how exciting it is to read and see these pictures. What an incredible journey.
Gary Hesketh:
February 6, 2008
Dave, Cliff sent me the journal site and I must say I'm glad he did. Great story telling (always wondered where sausages came from now I know they come from trees) and amazing photos. I look forward to your continued adventures.

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