Last Day of Overland Tour

January 20, 2008 - Livingstone, Zambia


The next day (our final day of the GAP tour) while the others took part in some of the adventure activities, Dave and I walked around town and attempted to get some errands done, including getting a place to stay as our tour was ending the next morning and our flight wasn't scheduled until the day after.  Unfortunately we only realized once we got into town that it was Sunday which meant most places were closed.  You'd think we would have learned our lesson by now.  I had really hoped to finally get our laundry done but no such luck.  We walked around town bit and it was cool to stroll down some of the non-touristy streets.  As it was Sunday, we could here singing coming from the churches as we passed by. 

Our final night of the GAP tour was spent at group farewell dinner at at a local, traditional restaurant in town. Since we were all going we assumed we would be taking the truck into Livingstone but Steven, our driver/guide, said 'oh no, you don't drive a vehicle in Livingstone at night. Last time we did that it was broken into and half the kitchen was stolen!'. As for most restaurants, stores, banks and attractions in Africa there was security on guard out front of the establishment.  Mark and Terry ordered a fried catepillar appetizer and shared it with the group. Namita and I both passed on the 'delicacy'. Namita enjoyed the food more than I did. There was some traditional singing and dancing entertainment. They tried to get me up on stage as I was sitting closest but I passed and fortunately Phil took my place. The next song they pulled Namita up to dance with the entertainers - she was a good sport about it.

We both had one of the best sleeps of the camping trip. However, we woke up to rain and so we laid there thinking about tearing down the tent in the rain - not knowing it would be much worse than that. We could hear Mark outside their tent telling Terry that there tent was surrounded by water. At that point ours wasn't bad but by the time we packed our bags our tent had become an island. I poked my head out of the tent to see our flip flops floating 'downstream' away from the entrance of the tent where they were left the night before. Namita grabbed all, and I mean all, of her belongings and chased after her shoes which were getting further and further away. I took a photo of her when she reached her shoes and then retreated to the dryness of the tent. Namita was in knee deep water when she leaned and stretched for the flip flops. She lost her balance and down she went, her backpack, day-pack, purse and all. She obviously started screaming. I figured it was just a typical Namita over-reaction scream so I took my time before looking to see what was going on. I rushed out to help her out of a mini pond which she was floating in. Needless to say Namita was not a happy 'camper' although every thing considered, she handled it rather well. She rinsed off in the pool beside the restaurant of the resort with all her clothes on. Fortunately no vital documents were destroyed. She did throw out her notebook which contained a journal entry I had wrote. Later on I re-wrote that journal entry again and Namita lost it so I very begrudgingly wrote a third time.

Our original itinerary had us staying in Livingstone one more night (everyone else was leaving that day). However, the weather was rainy and Livingstone is not all that nice of town and we really needed a break after camping. We needed to go to the airport anyway that morning to attempt to change our Nairobi flight to avoid the civil unrest in Kenya so we figured we would see if SAA could move up our departure to Johannesburg by a day. They were but weren't able to do anything regarding the Nairobi flight - it was a very small airport.  We boarded the plane, tired (physically and mentally) from the crazy morning we had just had.


Namita Just Before...
Shoes floating away in Flood
GAP Group - Final Dinner
Tourist Pose with Restaurant Staff
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