Battle for the Females

January 24, 2008 - Arusha, Tanzania


Tangerie National Park

After our breakfast at the Country Lodge we headed back through Arusha on our way to the next game drive desitination. We needed to play another round of ATM roulette (you never knew if it would work or not) in town to settle our balance at Victoria Expeditions. Our second day of safari was spent at Tangerie National Park. The higlight of this game drive came near the end. The truck pulled up to a herd of Impala. Everything seemed to be normal at first until two Impala's started fighting. Bariki explained that a male challenger was taking on another male for the right to the females. The defender wasn't going to give up his 'harem' easy and nor should he. 'The' male travels with around 100 females, mating with up to 6 of them a night. After a few nights, the male, understandably gets tired and that's when he gets challenged for the territory. The battle went on for a few minutes and the Impala's were oblivious to our presence. Eventually the defender chased off the challenger. He maintained his least for now.

All four of us were very tired. Its amazing how exhausting sitting in a truck doing nothing can be. It actually had been very hot that day and we figured that contributed to the laziness. That night we stayed at Lake Manyara Serena (although Lake Manyara Park would be our last day of the Safari). The lodge was comprised of small bungalows with 3 rooms per bungalow. It had an incredible view and a very fun looking pool but we had very little time to enjoy the posh surroundings.


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