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January 25, 2008 - Serengeti, Tanzania

After another early rise we left Lake Manyara Serena on our way to Serengeti National Park. We needed to travel through Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area to get to the park. One of the differences between a National Park and a Conservation Area is that no one can live in a National Park. People of the Maasai tribe live in the conservation area but they are restricted to raising cattle for a living.

As Bariki stopped the truck at the edge we all got out for our first view of the Ngorongoro Crater - we were in awe. It was like nothing I'd seen. The Crater, in reality a caldera and once a moutain, is 21km by 17km. It's the fourth largest in the world and the largest that isn't completely filled with water. If I remember correctly we were 600 ft above the crater floor. We could see trees and small lakes but we had no idea what was really going on down there - something we would discover in a couple days.  

After the quick view of the Crater, we had the opportunity to stop at a Maasai village before leaving the conservation area. The tribe greeted us with their traditional song and dance. The Chief's son toured us around the village which included entering one of their huts where he shared their history and culture (he himself has 4 wives and 7 children). We also got to visit their pre-school where a class was taking place. It is the law in Tanzania that all children must go to school so at a certain age Masaai children are sent to boarding school.

From the Crater we entered the Serengeti. As we crossed the plains of the Seregeti we saw many different animals - giraffe, zebra, wildebeast, hippos and lions from a distance. Just before reaching our accomodation, we saw a lion cub in the bushes. The next two nights Seregeti Serena would be our home. Similar to Lake Manyara the lodge was made up of small bungalows. As we checked into the lodge we were told to call reception for an escort anytime we leave our room after dark. There are no fences around the lodge. They said that almost every morning buffalos are found drinking water from the pool and five days earlier two lions were seen walking the grounds at night. Our bungalow was the second furthest from the reception. Namita was very nervous walking to dinner the first night, even with our escort!


Room at Serengeti Serena
Lion Cub in Bushes Near Lodge
Wildebeast on the Run

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February 21, 2008
Wow guys! your pictures are amazing...think National Geographic may be calling you soon! Hope you are staying well! K
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