Delhi - Start of Tour

February 11, 2008 - Delhi, India

The first day of the tour just consisted of a group meeting followed by dinner. I arrived mid afternoon so after checking-in to the hotel I walked around the area. Even though the shops were officially closed that day they are replaced with a temporary market. It was really busy. This proved to be a common characteristic throughout India. I taste-tested somosas from two different little road side eateries - they were 12 cents each!

While walking the main market street I saw something rather peculiar. There was a walk-through metal detector in the middle of the street. There was an armed guard near by but he wasn't paying much attention as some people just walked around it.

Between that evening and the next morning I met everyone in our group. The group was made up of all Canadians and Americans except Mia who originally is from Croatia. I was sharing a room with Mike who lives in Wisconsin. The other Americans were a lovely, older couple - Charlie and Beverly - from outside San Francisco (Sean Penn and George Lucas live in their neighbourhood). Ryan from California who was travelling with friends Andie and Greg, a married couple. And, Andrea who was currently living in China studying the language. My fellow Canadians were Velvet and her partner Krista from Calgary. Joanne from Toronto. Mike, who also is from Toronto but is currently living in Switzerland with Mia. And, Nathan from Vancouver who is on a two year leave from work.


High Tech Security
Delhi - Stores Closed!
Delhi - Stores Closed!
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