Throw Dave from A Train

February 23, 2008 - Goa, India


The overnight train from Mumbai to Goa left at 11pm and was scheduled to arrive at 10:40am. It is only 600 Km but takes 12 hours! In the morning we all sat around reading, chatting and drinking chai as the Indian Countryside passed us by. Around the time we were scheduled to arrive we were told that it would be another 2 hours! Fortunately, that information was not accurate and the train was less than an hour late. Our guide then warned us that the next stop was ours.  I was sitting with Vel, Charlie and Beverley. Once the train was slowing down everyone started organizing their bags. While the train was stopped we assisted Charlie and Beverley to get their bags out of the sitting area and into the aisle. We obviously didn't leave enough time to get our belongings because my bag was still under the seat when the train started moving again. Christa grabbed one of Charlie's bags and booted-it to the one exit, Charlie and Beverely began walking that way as well. I grabbed my bag and started running for the other door with Vel one step behind me. As we approached the end of the car we blew right by a guy shaking his head no, saying the train is already going. As we were running Vel yelled at me 'Do you know how to jump from a moving train?'. Without giving it a second thought (I had been looking forward to Goa for awhile and I didn't want to risk spending another day getting back there), I threw my backpack on to the platform and with my day-pack on my back I jumped straight out from the train. When I hit the ground the momentum combined with my completely worn out flip flops resulted in me tumbling on the concrete. I didn't answer Vel's question with words but rather my actions. She later told me that she said to herself 'not like that'. As I was rolling on the concrete I saw Vel's dismount from the train. It was much more graceful than mine. The fall resulted in just a couple of bruises and scrapes to my hand and forearm. However, I did land on the shoulder I had dislocated a month before the trip had started but it seemed ok. Christa had also jumped from the moving train actually holding one of charlie's bags but she landed in a group of people who helped break her fall.

Charlie and Beverley didn't make it off the train, however, they got off at the next stop and arrived at the hotel only 30 minutes after us! Much wiser decision to stay on.


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April 8, 2008
Well done Dave! Too bad someone didn't have some video of your jump.
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