Extended time in Goa

February 26, 2008 - Goa, India


I had the better part of a week between the end of my tour and our flight to Hong Kong. I was splitting the time between Goa and Mumbai. Since I had been to Mumbai twice already I decided to favour Goa. I wasn't that excited about the area at first but it did grow on me as I got a better feel of it.

Sidenote: Flights in foreign countries can very, very cheap. My flight from Goa to Mumbai was 2400 Rupees or $60, including taxes and surcharges. The actual ticket price was 500 Ruppees or just over $12! I know what you are thinking but the plane was great and so was the service.

There were three other people from the tour who were staying on in Goa - Mia, Nathan and Andrea. Mia had already booked a couple extra nights at the tour hotel but the rest of us didn't have accommodation. Our guide walked us to a guest house which was run by an older couple. They were nice but rather direct at times. Nathan and Andrea shared a room. I got my own room which had a large bed, ensuite bathroom with hot water and a ceiling fan. It was only $12 a night!

The first day the four of us hired a driver to take us to nicer beach north of Callungute. It was much more peaceful.


A Better Goa Beach
A Better Goa Beach
A Better Goa Beach
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