Mo and Mullet May should be a worldwide phenomenon

May 27, 2007 - Lincoln, New Zealand

Hi Everyone! I only have time for a quick update....but ill write what ive been doing for the past month!

Mo and Mullet May is coming to a close...the judging of the mullets turned out to be one of the funniest things i've ever witnessed in my life. Check out all the pictures of the dirty mullets and mustaches....

We had the memorial service for was sad, but they did a great job. Mike got to leave the hospital for a few hours to come too. We all hung out at Mrs. O's after the service and had drinks and food and just talked about good memories. Jesse moved back to stevens last week and it has been nice to have him around. We spent some time going back and forth to the hospital to hang out with Mike... Kelly and I took him a big pizza party and spent the afternoon with him. He was released Thursday, and he is SOO HAPPY to be back here. He loves getting pushed around by all the girls... Mike was fitted with a high performance prosthetic and eventually when he can balance on his right leg and hop on it, he will get to start trying them out. We are all a little sad, Jesse heads back to the states on Tuesday, and Mike on Saturday. We are having a going away pizza party tonight... we are all going to miss them.

I went away to Hanmer a few weekends ago and enjoyed a nice weekend away in the mountains. We rented a cabin in the woods and had a nice quiet weekend. I got to go on a big mountain bike ride that I almost died on like 5 times...since we are in the middle of autumn...the leaves are changing and everything looks so pretty. Its weird going into winter in May though!!

My RA is a huge practical joker...and he found two goat heads somehow...ya severed goat heads...and he hung them out of one window and into one of my friends windows and freaked her out. he put another one of them in Simons toilet in his room...and in another guys house during his housewarming party. We have spent alot of time trying to get him back...Simon put both goat heads in his room (after they had been sitting out for a week), he closed all the windows and turned the heaters stevens hall smelled like rotting goat for a week. Last night...everyone got into Will's room and took all his clothes and sheets and hung them all over stevens. they pinned his underwear up in the louge with all of our pictures...and stuffed clothes and put them outside on the benches so that they looked like Will was sitting outside. Its been a scary week...I walk into my room nervous everytime that someone did something to it!!

We went out to town last weekend...we got a big group out to go to a few clubs and bars. It was fun...but its getting cold out here!!

This past Wednesday we had a Halloween/Thanksgiving party for everyone... all the americans are confused that it is turning from Fall to Winter and we havent had Thanksgiving or we celebrated anyways! That night was the Mullet and Mos judging at Mrs. O's and our American friend Richard beat out all the kiwis!

Friday night we celebrated Tee and Erins mexican fiesta birthdays. We had a big mexican potluck and had pina coladas and margaritas. It was fun getting everyone together!

Saturday night was the "Come say goodbye to the international students before they bugger off back to their home countries" party. Everyone had to come dressed as something from their home countries... I was a US army girl...kell was Michael Jordan.. she is from Chicago and I tried to get her to dress up as friend alex was a british punk, erin was paris hilton, Cat was a soccer hooligan, graham was an african bush hunter...complete with his actual bush hunting outfit that he wears when he hunts there...he kills sad. Tee was a rugby other friend was a vietnam veteran...he tucked an arm into his shirt and pretended he lost it... and there were tons of others that I cant even rememeber!! Check out the pictures though...they are great!

School is over...all thats stands before me now is 2 1/2 weeks of finals :0( Tonight is our pizza party for the boys. I still dont know when im coming home but I will let you all know for sure when I do!

I hope everyone is doing good... Kim...CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!! Welcome home Tony...Good luck on the move Kristen... Mom stop stressing out :0) And yay for anything else that is going on over there! Enjoy the pics of my room too!!!

love you all!!


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