Kalamazoo & Mears, MI

July 10, 2012 - Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States


Continuing on our 2012 Eastern Trip, we left Berrien Springs, MI and arrived in Kalamazoo, MI on July 10.  We stopped at the Freightliner shop in Kalamazoo before going to our campground for a couple of repairs.  We stayed at the Kalamazoo Resort (membership ROD) for a week.  As you will see from the picture it was very dry there, as it was everywhere we have been.  It is sad to see brown corn and soybeans everywhere.  Our friends, Ron, Patsy, and Milford from Marcellus drove up one night and we enjoyed going out to dinner with them  It was great to see all of them on this trip.  We rode our bikes for 15 miles on the Kal-Haven Trail.  It was a flat, crushed stone path through the woods and it goes for 33 miles all the way to South Haven on Lake Michigan.  Our friend Sue, who we worked with in FL, drove up from Cassopolis and we met at the Fieldstone Grill in Portage for dinner.  We had a great time visiting with her.  I think the wait staff was glad it was time to close so they could get rid of us!  We left Kalamazoo and checked into Timberlake RV Resort in Mears, MI (membership RPI) for two weeks.  This was a very nice park with beach access to Lake Michigan.  We bought some beach chairs and spent some time on the beach.  We went to the town of Mears and watched a bunch of dune buggies, 3 wheelers, dirt bikes, and trucks riding on the sand dunes.  Some of these people are really serious about this sport.  They have lots of money tied up in their vehicles.  It was fun to watch.  We climbed to the top of the dune so we could watch them come up and then go down.   The wind was so strong it just about blew me off.   We drove north along the coast one day and saw some pretty beaches and scenery.  We went on a dune buggy ride with Mac Wood Dunes Rides.  That was a lot of fun until the dune buggy had a flat tire, but they called for help and had it fixed within 1/2 hour.  Our next stop was in Beaver Creek Resort (Gaylord, MI) on 7/25 for two weeks.  (When you click on Slideshow, if the first picture comes up very small, click on the picture and it will come up full size.  I don't know why it's doing that.)



Repair Work At Freightliner Shop
Kal-Haven Bike Trail
Kal-Haven Bike Trail
Campsite at Kalamazoo


September 20, 2012
very good.
Barb Buri:
September 21, 2012
Foolish me, I thought sands dunes were only in the deserts. Enjoyed the tour.....thanks
September 21, 2012
I was beginning to think we were back in FL, there was so much sand! My next journal will have the Sleeping Bear Dunes in it, so we're not done yet.
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