Saint Clair, MI

August 9, 2012 - Saint Clair, Michigan, United States


Continuing on our 2012 eastern trip, we arrived in Saint Clair, MI on August 9 for 2 weeks.  St. Clair is a really pretty little town on the St. Clair River, which divides the USA and Canada.  We stayed in St. Clair TT Resort.  It was a nice campground, but most of the 50 amp sites faced each other, so you got to know your neighbor really well.  We were lucky because we had met John and Kathy (and their dog Leonard) in our last campground, and they pulled in a day after us and parked in the site facing us.  We had some great visits with each other and went out to eat several times with them.  We went to two different restaurants in Saint Clair and both of them had a beautiful view of the St. Clair River and Canada. We also went to the Selfridge Air National Guard Base & Museum with them one day near Mt. Clemons, MI.  We were able to go in and tour two of the C-130 transport planes.  It’s amazing how huge they are inside. Richie and I went for a 25 mile bike ride on the  Wadhams to Avoca Trail (rails to trails trail), that was only a few miles from our campground.  It was a nice trail with crushed gravel meandering through the woods.  We went down to Grosse Pointe Woods, MI to look for a bank that the White Pages said was located there.  Our GPS also gave us directions to their location.  There was certainly no bank where it was supposed to be.  I called the 1-800 number and they said there had never been any of their banks in southeast MI, so Garmin and the White Pages were wrong again!  At least Grosse Pointe Woods was a beautiful little town with some mansions along St. Clair Lake.  We ate a nice little restaurant in the downtown, and then parked near the lake and walked about 4 miles and drooled over all the beautiful homes.  We had planned on going to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn near Detroit that day, but we wasted so much time trying to find the bank, we decided not to go.  We drove up to Port Huron and rode our bikes for 19.5 miles on the Bridge to Bay Trail.  The best part of this trail was at the northern end of the St. Clair River where the Blue Water Bridges to Canada span the river, and Lake Huron starts.  The water was a beautiful turquoise blue.  I joked with Richie that they must have put some aqua color in the water.  Then I learned that this area is called The Blue Water Area.  I can see why it is called that.  When completed, this trail will be 54 miles long.  Right now a lot of it was on the road, and not marked very well.  The view along the water was worth it though.  Our next stop on our 2012 Eastern trip was Port Clinton, OH on August 22 for a week.  We had a wonderful summer in Michigan with some beautiful scenery, hiking trails and bike trails and will definitely come back to visit some day.



American & Canadian Flags
Blue Water Bridges to Canada
Bridge to Bay Trail in the Blue Water Area
Blue Water Bridges Spanning the St. Clair River

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October 2, 2012
Good to hear from y'all. Heard any more about the class re-
Union. Was going to try to go but have other things coming up and
I have no clue whether Jane is looking at June, July, Aug. or When. If you hear
Plz let me know. Sounds like y'all are just having so much fun and
Meeting so many nice people.
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