2013 Eastern Trip Advance, NC to Erie, PA

June 27, 2013 - Erie, Pennsylvania, United States

Once again, I am way behind on my journals.  On June 25 we left Advance, NC, where we stayed at Forest Lake Resort (TT) for six days.  We spent one night on the road in a small campgroud, and then arrived in Erie, PA on June 27 for a week.  We stayed in Erie Lakes Campground, which is a very nice county park on Lake Erie.   Our first night a bicyclist came in to spend the night.  His bicycle was so loaded down with supplies including his tent that I don't see how he could even pedal his bike.  (Makes me glad we are in a motorhome!) Every night at 9:00 pm sharp, a huge flock of birds would fly over our heads and dive into the weeds and water nearby.  It was an amazing sight to see some of them dive right past your head.  One day we rode our bicycles to Presque Isle State Park.  There is a 13.5 mile bike trail around the park right on Lake Erie.  The total round trip from our campground was 31 miles.  It was a beautiful ride along Lake Erie most of the way.  Our legs were a little shaky when we got back, so a couple glasses of wine were needed to relax them!  We had a visit from some friends who live in PA, Bill & Jan.  They used to spend the winter in our park in FL.  We really enjoyed our visit with them.  We went out to lunch at Pufferbelly's Restaurant, whis is in an old firehouse.  We spent the afternoon visiting and catching up at the motorhome.  It was great seeing them again.  Our next stop was Lockport, NY on July 3.


Bicycle Loaded Down
Bill, Jan, and Richie
Great Visit with Friends, Jan & Bill
Pufferbelly's Restaurant
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