2013 Eastern Trip Lockport, NY

July 8, 2013 - Lockport, New York, United States

In my last journal, we had arrived in Lockport, NY on July 3.  We stayed there for a month and a half, and this journal is about the second half of our stay.  My high school reunion was on Friday and Saturay night, August 9 & 10.  On Thursday morning before the reunion, three of my friends and I met for coffee at our friend Betty's house.  We didn't discuss having any food.  We all showed up with enough sweet stuff to feed an army, as you will see by the picture. We had a great time visiting and sorting pictures.  Friday night we went to the Davison Inn in Lockport for drinks and hor d'oeuvres.  Saturday night we had our reunion at the Spring Lake Winery in Lockport.  It was a really nice place to have the reunion, and we all had a good time. It was really fun seeing my old friends again!  The reunion committee did a great job planning everything.  I invited a few of my classmates over to the lake for a bonfire one night.  Every night that we had been there the weather was perfect with beautiful sunsets.  The night that they came the wind was 24 mph and it was too cloudy for a sunset.  We went inside my cousin's cottage and had a good time despite the weather!  My sister, Mary and her husband Bll, came to Lockport for a visit on Saturday and Sunday.  We went to the famous Bye's Popcorn in Olcott Beach. Bye's is a small roadside stand that has been there for many years.  I remember our family stopping there while on a Sunday drive when I was a kid.  Sunday morning we met them at the Tuscarora Inn for a delicious brunch, and we had a good time as always.  Later that week we went to Becker Farms for lunch with some of our RV friends, John & Kathy, who happened to be in Lockport. We always have a good time when we see them.  Becker Farms sells apples, cider and doughnuts in the fall, and they have a large fall festival every year.  I really enjoyed spending so much time in my home town this year.  Spending time with family and friends is always great.  One thing I need to mention is that both of our beautiful granddaughters got married this year, Dawn, in April,  and Lacy in August.  Dawn had a beautiful wedding while we were still home, and Lacy married her navy boyfriend so she wasn't able to have a wedding now.  We left Lockport on August 16 for our next stop in East Stroudsburg, PA


Lacy & Chris
Dawn's Wedding
Richie, The Clown!
Where's The Fire?! (Becker Farms)
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