Wurtsboro, NY

September 24, 2013 - Wurtsboro, New York, United States


Continuing on our 2013 Eastern trip, we left Timothy Lake Campground in East Stroudsburg, PA on Sept. 24, and moved north to Catskill Adventure Resort in Wurtsboro, NY.  Most of this campground was for full timers, but they had a really nice area for people like us who can only stay for two weeks, with very large sites looking toward a small lake.  It was  one of our ROD membership campgrounds and very well taken care of.  We have a Tiffin Phaeton built by Allegro, and it was really a coincidence that there was a small rally from Allegro that came to the campground during our first week there.  They invited us to join in their campfires with them, and we really met some nice people.  On Sept. 27, we drove our car to Schenectady and spent the weekend with my sister, Mary and her husband, Bill.  We had a great visit with them as always.  We walked into their house on Friday night with the wonderful smell of one of her delicious homemade apple pies coming out of the oven.  (And I thought I was going to have to beg her to make one for us).  We had some drinks, ok, a lot of drinks, and then Mary made dinner for us.  Saturday we drove to Altamont's Orchards and had fresh apple cider and fresh, warm cider donuts.  Yumm!  We always look forward to doing this if we are there in the fall.  Then we rode up to Lake George and Prospect Mountain.  The leaves were only starting to change, but it was still beautiful.  On Saturday night, Mary cooked out Zweigel’s White Hots , the BEST hot dogs ever made, for an early birthday dinner for Richie.  Sunday we went to church with Mary to hear her sing in the choir.  She has a beautiful voice.  I would like to know what happened to my voice,  after all, I am her sister.  After we returned to Wurtsboro, we toured the Catskills and the Hudson River.  We found the best ice cream we had ever eaten on one of our rides.  It’s called Jane’s Ice Cream, and only available in a few places.  I’m glad because it was very expensive, but worth the price.  New York is a beautiful state, especially when the leaves are changing.  Richie and I went to Newburgh, NY where the tv show, Orange County Choppers with Paul Tuttle, SR and his two son’s was filmed.  We went to the OCC restaurant, and Richie was lucky.  Paul SR was in there eating lunch, so I took a picture of them together.  Richie was thrilled.  We toured the showroom, and a lot of the bikes that they had built on the show were on display.  We went on a hike through the Ice Caves in Ellenville, NY.  The ice was all melted, but it was still a nice hike.  It was about 20 degrees cooler in the caves, and  there were some very narrow crevices.  There were a lot of steep steps going down, and back out.  It was pretty rough on Richie’s knees, but he made it.  When we came back out into the sunlight, I found a slip of paper from a Chinese Fortune Cookie lying on the ground that said, "May the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your spirit.” I thought that was a perfect ending to our hike.  We left  Wurtsboro on Oct. 9, and went back to Timothy Lake in East Stroudsburg, PA for a few days.  My next journal will be our visit to Washington DC on Oct. 17.  (We actually arrived the day that they opened back up after the government shutdown.  We had the reservations for months, so that was a lucky break for us!)



Beautiful Sight At The End Of The Ice Caves
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