Short visit to Bay City

December 16, 2012 - Bay City, Texas, United States

 Hello everyone,

I was actually kind of sad to leave Louisiana.    It was a nice location, with great people and the food was really special.   I thought the music was good, but not exactly what I had hoped for.   Oh well, always something to search for on another trip.

I'm going to make this short, sweet and "pictureless" since my timeline has been so short, but also probably because I am being a little lazy.   I promise more photos to follow.

I'm getting pretty good at packing up the home and moving down the road.   Started out yesterday at about 7am after my morning coffee and by 8am I was "on the road again".   Either I am learning or I am just getting better and more comfortable with all the tie downs, etc.   It is certainly evolving.  

The trip was uneventful .... although maneuvering my rig through the big city of Houston, TX was kind of scary and hairy.   Once I get in big cities with a lot of cars around me .... I get nervous because my margin for error becomes so small.   A little concentration and I made it through just fine.   The lady inside my Garmin had me cut across country after I made it through Houston.   I was in "rural" Texas and on 2 lane roads for quite a while to my next destination.

In spite of this, I made it safe and sound and easily found my new home in Bay City, TX around 2:00pm.    I am going to stay here for a couple nights then will have a shorter final leg into Alamo, TX and the home of my friends Jake and Aggie Otterstetter.    I found the RV Park (60 North RV Park) pretty easily and drove in while it was beginning to rain.    It has been raining ever since.   The park host was very nice and she got me all settled into a very nice drive thru campsite.   Once I was all hooked up I settled into a nice dinner and a good book.    Talked to Howie tonight and he had just talked to Al Anderson and they were talking about my adventure.   Good to touch base with Howie and see that he is doing well.   

This morning (Sunday) Jake called me to find out where I was and what time I would arrive in his park.    He informed me the weather down there was beautiful and they were all set for me and for dinner tomorrow night at their home.   Such nice people.    I was glad to hear it was nice out, since it has been raining fairly hard since I arrived here in Bay City.   The temp was great (about 75) but the rain just keeps coming.    The weather report says it will be dry tonight and will be dry as I pack up tomorrow morning for my trip south.    I have about 230 miles so it won't be a difficult day ... although the more rural highways are what I will experience pretty much all the way down to Alamo.

For those of you who don't know ..... Alamo is a suburb of Harlingen, TX which is located almost as far south in the United States as you can go without entering Mexico.   It is only about 30 minutes to Mexico.   So the food turns from Gumbo and Shrimp to Beef Steaks and Mexican food.  Sounds so good.    Jake says he bought Porterhouse steaks the other day on sale for $4.99 a pound !!!

All my best to everyone .... Merry Christmas .... be good to the people you love.


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Nancy Howard:
December 17, 2012
Drive safe and we will see you in AZ.
Where can I send you Christmas card?
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