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January 6, 2013 - Green Valley, Arizona, United States

Well, I made my way to San Antonio without any serious problems.   It was a beautiful trip and I got to know a little more about Texas and Texans.   They wave a lot of flags and like their guns .... for sure .... but many are very, very nice people.   Checked into my camp and settled the fifth wheel within the confines of Hidden Valley RV Park.   Nice little place and owners are very nice folks.   The park is right on the Alamo River and just outside of San Antonio.  

I heard from Connie on the morning of the 28th and it appeared there might be problems with her arriving on time ..... ended up all was well and she made it right on time.    Moved to a nicer park so that her first visit was in a nice place.   The new park was Alamo RV Park and I chose it because they had horses to rent .... she grew up with horses so wanted to surprise her with a horse ride on her first day.   I got moved in the night before and got camp all in order.   Saw numerous whitetails right out my window in the morning.   Very cool.  They even had a "gray deer" that I had never seen before.   Not an albino .... but very rare as well.   The camp wound around the Medina River and it was gorgeous.   Picked up Connie with no trouble at all.   The next day we went on a trail ride ... she loved it.  


The next day we spent the day at the San Antonio Riverwalk.    What a cool idea this city came up with.   It was interesting, comfortable and the food was great.   The photo was taken along the riverwalk.


It was now time to move out of San Antonio but Texas being what it is (a very large place) I had made plans to stay in Texas but to travel down to Big Bend National Park and Lajitas, TX.    Big Bend Park is noted for being one of the largest National Parks in the country but also the least visited.    It is so far down away from the world and so out of the way to drive to that I guess people just don't go there.   Too bad, because it was an amazing experience.     Here is the view we had of the mountains from our camp site in Lajitas, TX.



On our first days adventure we chose to go west from Lajitas into the State Park that is nearby.   While there we discovered an old movie set call "The Contrabando site" along the way.   It was the site of many a movie from about 1979 on.    The set is located right on the Rio Grande and so we explored the site and enjoyed watching some kids swimming in the Rio Grande.


This is me and I am standing next to the Rio Grande.   The land on the other side of the river is indeed Mexico.


Connie got crazy that night and decided to go out and climb a hill that was located right near our camp.   You may not be able to see her, but she is on top of that huge monstrousity !!!


On day two in Lajitas and Big Bend we decided to change gears, go east and visit the National Park.   We had a good visit with a local park ranger and he gave us lots of good ideas.   We originally attempted to find a crossing over to a small Mexican town that had great food and loved the Americans illegally crossing the Rio in order to eat and buy their curios.   We were "more" than willing if we could just find the way to cross.   It turns out we didn't find the crossing (I think it was blocked off by the Border Patrol) but did find a few other great adventures.   Along the way we saw a pack of Havelinas, Whitetail Deer, and Wild Boars.   We really had good luck seeing the "critters".

Before I talk more about the Park, I need to share a pic I took of a cemetery we found near a ghosttown in Terlingua.    Just so you know .... this was an actual ghost town .... not a fake.   It was an old "Quicksilver" mining town and they still bury people there and this grave is actually very typical of the usual gravesite in the cemetery.   We would need more rocks to bury Jake here though.   :)    The sign said the highest cause of death in that era was Mercury poisoning and "gunfights".


As I said .... our original intent was to to find the crossing over to a town call Boquilla, MX.   We didn't find that crossing but did find a small sign that said "Hot Springs" along the way.   Almost flew past it, but I hit the brakes and off we went on a gravel road to who knows what.   Now, I've been on some "harrowing" roads in my life, but we found ourselves going down a road that was hard to believe anyone could travel on.   Numerous times I had to stop and look down to see if my tires were going to stay on the road .... I also had to bring my mirrors in on one side when it appeared they might drag along the side of the cliff.   The drop was signifigant to say the least so the hairpin turns were dam scary.   The road split into two one way trails but at the end .... wow, it was worth the trip.    Here was an old indian village that had petroglyphs and pictogryphs.   The showcase though was a sort of large rock "tub" that was full of people enjoying a real hot springs that came out of the cliffs and emptied into the Rio Grande.    Connie was much more brave than I .... she jumped right in with clothes on and all.    She is in the orange shirt.


It was a rewarding and amazing day of adventure.

The next day (after considerable beer drinking the night before) we decided we needed to get "a little exercise" and so should go hiking.   We again visited our park ranger friends and they gave us some great ideas on where we could go.   We chose a trail that wound about 7 miles into the moutains and that would bring us face to face with some of the old mining sites of the 1890's.   It was not a disappointing adventure and we got great exercise.   Steaks on the grill made the finish all the better.

Our time in Texas had come to an end and even though the temps were in the 70's .... the weather report was for an inch or so of snow so we thought now would be a good time to head in the "Arizona" direction.

The snow did come and we did leave.   The driving was fine but as we pulled into a camp just south of Las Cruces, NM .... the snow was coming harder and the cold was well ..... colder.   The next morning our plan was to pack up and make the 2nd half of the drive to get ourself to Arizona and just south of Tucson in Green Valley, AZ.    After a 2 hour delay because of a closed road between Las Cruces and Deming ..... we finally made it to our camp at Mountain View RV Park. 

Today will be Connie's last day so we went down to Nogales, MX for the day.   Great food .... bought a new belt, had a few cervezas and margaritas and just enjoyed touring this interesting city.   Howie doesn't know it yet but I got him a little treat of Aguavero tequila ... his favorite.  

In spite of my last adventure with a Mexican "haircut", I decided to get one more.   This time it went well.


Back to camp, shrimp and chinese food for dinner and spent our last night watching the Vikes and drinking a little tequila.    It will be up early and off the the Phoenix airport tomorrow morning.

Look forward to seeing Howard and Penny, Dan and Nancy, Mark and Janet and other friends including a visit from Roy and my college roommate Mark Grovak ......... and another adventure begins.

More to come once I am settled in Sun City !!!!

Miss you all.


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