Time to leave my comfy "Nest" for adventure ....

February 5, 2013 - San Antonio, Texas, United States

 It is finally time for me to leave my wonderful "Howie Hotel" to travel on and experience more adventures.    It is so, so hard to leave my comfy bed and services like .... maid, chef, dish cleaner, laundry workers, etc. but I have to do it before I forget how to do all those things.   Howard and Penny were so, so good to me and their comforts were appreciated.   I could count on so much every day ... like cocktail hour around 5,  ..... smoking, toting and jokin with Howie in the porch, ..... candies on my pillow at night, ...... unbelievably good food, ..... freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice in the morning,  ..... and so many, many more things.    I am truly spoiled and I can't thank them enough for their love.   Thank you H & P.

We had so much fun during the time I was there ..... we got lots accomplished on little projects around the house.    Here is one of the bigger ones .... I installed a new countertop cook stove and a over the range microwave for them.   The old one was installed in the 60's so it was in bad need of replacing.   You can see the next project right next to the new white appliances ..... we have on order a new wall oven to replace that ugly one you see to the left.    Might need Al's help on installing that baby.


We got Howie into the new century now and got him a new 42" LCD TV with HD and new Directv service.    He got excited when he saw what "The Price is Right" looked like on his new TV.   He wanted to sell his old Sony (14 years old) and thought he could get $50 for it, so I put it on Craigslist for him and we got "zero" calls for it.   Funny part?..... he wondered whether we needed to put in the ad that it is a "color" TV !!!!    Eventually we had Goodwill pick it up .... it wasn't worth $10.    When watching golf you couldn't ever even see the golf ball.

I also got him convinced that when his phone contract is up, we are switching him to a smartphone so that he can text and email from his phone.   He has a very old flip top phone that looks like the old DOS system computer screens.   He ok'ed it once he knew he could get dirty pictures from his buddies if he had a smart phone.

Every day was an adventure at the Sun City home.    When the siren would go off ..... he would say "ooops, there goes another house for sale".    Old people everywhere but by 7pm the place is a deserted ghost town.   

About a week after arriving we went up to Laughlin on a gambling excursion and another reason was that I wanted to find a perfect place to "boondock" on the Colorado River.    We went to numerous camp sites but found the absolute perfect place for my next stage of the adventure just a bit north of Blythe, CA.    It is amazing and you will see some photos on my next journal.    OK ..... I'll tease you with just one.


Like I said .... more to follow.

Howie and I absolutely sucked at cards in Laughlin and really got skun good.    We met up with Steve and Linda and had a fabulous evening with martinis and pizza.

Met a really nice gal in Chandler while I was in Phoenix.   Her name is Val and she and I went on a day trip so she could show me the Canyon Lake area.   It was really nice of her and going up the mountain with all the views, etc. was amazing.   We stopped and ate and had a beer at Tortilla Flats ..... a really cool bar most of the way up to Canyon Lake.    Val has this amazing dog who made the trip with us ...... Sammy.    Sammy is a girl and Val found her in a bush abandoned by someone.   This is a pic of what she looked like when Val found her.


She is all cleaned up, cut and primped now, but was in really rough shape.   Val nursed her back to health.   Sammy is a full bred "Havanese" which is a breed from Havana, Cuba.   She is fairly small and does not shed at all but grows hair just like humans.   This dog is so much like what I am looking for.   It never barks and just loves your attention.   Amazing dog.

We had Super Bowl at Howies and he cooked some unbelievable rib eyes on the grill for us.   Howie didn't do so well with a bet he had with our buddy Al Anderson but it will still such a great evening together.    Here is the master at work cutting steaks ..... notice the sweatshirt with holes in it around the big belly?

superbowl 001

The next day, I headed off to the Colorado River.

I hope I'm not forgeting something (I'm sure I am) because there has been so many great memories that I can hardly believe I have been gone from Princeton since Mid-November!!!

More will follow ..... hope you are all well.

Love .... David


superbowl 001

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Nancy Howard:
February 5, 2013
Thought of you last night when we were at the Guthrie for a "CrossRoads" for Muddy Waters concert. Great harmonica and guitars players. Enjoy your next adventure.
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