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February 23, 2013 - Chandler, Arizona, United States

kimnval 001

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Ginger Glenn:
February 23, 2013
Hello Dave, Where ever you are!!! You are such a good writer - I look forward to your updates.

With all your 'bonding' out there - I thought you were going to try to resusitate the mouse and train him to be a very little dog!

I think it has snowed everyday since forever. I know he's plowed about 3 times in ten days. I have very little to shovel and so am not complaining and it is very pretty. I do have to shovel a little extra for 'Sweetie" as it's a fluffy type of snow and she can't do her thing.....

We've been having Thursday nights at people's houses and it's been alot of fun. Adds so much to the evening. Kari had it last night and it was so relaxed and it was a potluck so the food was great. Denise may have it next week.

I thought I'd told everyone - but, missed you. MIKE PAID ME BACK, IN FULL! I 'm very relieved and happy about that - it was a whole lot of money. Now, I have the $$$ for my abbreviated remodel - but have a house full of people til ???? We're discussing a plan of attack. I''m my house continues to fall down around me - now the dishwasher doesn't work and it's expensive to fix and when I remodel I want all the new stuff to match - so, we're back to ...someone clears...someone washes..someone dries...someone puts away. The way we were....

Granted, I'm getting tired of it ....but, the snow is SOOOOO beautiful - I just can't hate it. It's sunny and bright - there's a family open ice fishing on the lake and they are running around having so much fun. It is a gorgeous season.

Be well, be Happy, Love, Ginger

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