Into Canada We Go!

May 17, 2009 - Banff, Canada


{Trip Day: 3}

Shelby, Montana to Banff, Alberta, Canada


DSC00177- Sign to Alberta from SweetGrass, Montana Border We left this morning about 7:30 am and headed up to sweetgrass, Montana. It was here where we corssed over to Canada. We did not have too much problems getting over. The Lady was quite nice, but said we need to be more prepared next time. To our surprize she never checked out the pets shot records and said nothing about the bird, unless she could not see him.


The scenery was pretty much the same as Montana, just not as many cattle. There seemed to be DSC00178- Lethbridge, Canadamore horses than cows on the way to Banff on Hwy 2.  Lethbridge was our first big town in Canada and we did not hit many big towns. Notice I mentioned towns and not cities.



The next city we came across was Calagary. There is lots to see and do in this city. Its the 2nd largest city in Alberta Canada. Edmonton is prob number one, but we bypassed that city and went a different rought.  It was quite busy and of course it was around noon when we went through. No problems and no honking, for once.  We were able to see theDSC00191- Calgary. Alberta Olympic Park Olympic Park from the highway. If you look closely you can see the olympic symbol of rings on the side of the ski jump. It actually looks higher and bigger than in the pictures.  They also have an international DSC00195Equestrian Center known as Spruce Meadows. They are probably the best known in America and Canada for competition. Its always televised on television. However, we were not able to see it since it was not on our route. I hope to go here at least once if I get the chance.


Once you get past Calgary, the rockie mountains start to get closer.  You can still see the mountains from Calgary.  We only had about a 1 1/2 hours to go to reach our destination. Danielle was very good today so we decided not to stop and to keep going. We decided to stay outside of Banff. We are DSC00200- Alec took this. Near Canmore, a small town called Canmore.  As we got closer to Canmore, we found DSC00201- Alec took this one two.ourselves just below the mountains.  Alec wanted to take a picture so we stopped along the highway and as you can see he did a good job.



We finally arrived at Econo Lodge in Canmore, Canada just outside of Banff where the real fun begins DSC00206- Rockie Mountains outside of Canmore, Alberta Canadain the mountains. Everything was going fine until Lee tried to get Danielle out of the car. Cassidy somehow snuck out and went under our vehicle. Lee chasedDSC00207- Rockie Mountains outside of Canmore, Alberta Canadahim and he went under the car next to us. So I got out and tried to get him and as we were trying another car pulled up next to the car that Cassidy is under. So this man is watching us trying to get this car, and all of a sudden Cassidy jumps up into the open window of the man's hotel room,  who happens to be standing right there. Well apparently his wife was in the room because the lady screamed when this cat jumped into her hotel window! LOL We finally got the cat and I appologized to the man. As we were getting in I heard him say to his wife through the window, "Are you scared of cats?" As we pulled out to leave, Lee rolled down the window and found out the elderly couple was from Indiana and was in the Air Force for 4 years.  All in All it was a pretty good day.DSC00208- Rockie Mountains outside of Canmore, Alberta Canada





Trip Day: 3

Traveled Miles: 335

Total Traveled Miles: 1,070

Start: Shelby, Montana

End: Canmore, Alberta Canada

Wild Life Viewing: Magpie(Bird), Deer,  and a Hawk diving into the water to catch a fish. Pretty cool!,



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Margie Walker:
May 18, 2009
Hi Everyone, I was wondering when you were leaving for Alaska. This is a great idea to have your road trip on your blog. Alec did a great job on taking the pictures. The mountains look beautiful. I really enjoyed the cat episode! Animals are what makes life interesting. I pray you all have a wonderful and safe trip to Alaska. Love Margie and Mickey


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