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June 24, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand

So just in case anyone was wondering, island life is pretty darn tough. Today we hiked a whopping 1.5km so that we could swim in a beautiful and impressive waterfall, stopping only to feed some elephants whole pineapples and bananas. We ate the best bbq roadside chicken with sticky rice. Kate and Bee got a laugh out of Steve trying to reverse park a kayak on the river. Kate and Steve got a laugh out of watching the kids play tug-of-war between their kayak and a very friendly dog who had a hold of their tow rope and kept dragging them back to shore. We were forced to swim in a 30-degree ocean and then drink cold beer on the beach watching an amazing sunset. Then we made a lucky escape from the 'ladyboy' cabaret at the luxury resort across the river, by dialling a boatman to take us back to that fantastic riverside seafood restaraunt. Pretty darn tough, hey?

PS It's Bee's turn to blog next, but she is really tired and has a little bit of a cold (aww). So thanks for the comments, but let's make some NOISE for the BEE, OK?


Leanne and Jay:
June 25, 2009
Great to hear you're having such a fab time after fi~nally getting there!
Jay and I are off to Bali on Saturday for 8 days, so not as impressive as your trip, but a little bite of Asia all the same.

Look forward to seeing you when you get back!
Wendy White:
June 25, 2009
Hi Websters - sounds like it's hard work up there.
Sun's been shining here too and my shower was 31 degrees this morning!!
Sam and Bee featured in The Age pocket money liftout yesterday - now we know all your intricate financial details. We'll keep it for you - not flattering head shots I must say.
All well with the White family. Only one day of term left - yay! sleepins. You'll be sorry you left for a great holiday and missed the BHHS Winter Concert last night. It was one of the best we've been to. Beats 'ladyboy' caberet.
Try to stick it out - it may be hard some days, fighting the tide and keeping the sun screen on, but it'll be worth it!!
Love to all
W,G,D,K xxxx
June 25, 2009
Hi Websters, have just been reading the blog. Love it. Tell Bee to get better soon and post. Am green with envy. Think it would have check out the ladyboys, will have to tell you sometime about PatPong Rd but not on a public forum! Also saw the famous young Websters' financial secrets revealed. Am supressing comparative pocket money data to avoid Richards rebellion. BTW one of our guineapigs turned out to be pregnant rather than overfed so if you want one - or three - let us know. Looking forward to next post, the Barnett and the Rihcardses.
June 25, 2009
Hi Steve and family
Can you try and sound a little less enthused for all of us here in sunny melbourne. It's very hard to stay focussed on my data sorting for coresoft.
Can I put in a request that you initial each entry so I know who's writing. Sam yours are by the best, no offence to the rest of the family.
Have fun, Cheers
June 25, 2009
sounds like you're having a ball, milk it up. We're settling in to Camberwell now and starting (?!) to reduce stress from the move - although it's on to the next thing of course. Selena is working out her work commitments! And to buy or not to buy?Nigel.
Richard Paul Vabre:
June 25, 2009
Shhhhhhhhhhhh.... I'm hibernating...........
June 25, 2009
Keep on having an amazing time.. and posting as your hectic schedule of elephant feeding, sunsets and eating allows and we'll keep on enjoying vocariously. Missing you lots but enjoying reading your exploits. XXX Rebecca
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