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June 25, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand

 Y'know what i really dont miss about the domestic suburbs of Melbourne?

How you cant do nothing without someone complaining about it, thats what. (dont think too much about that sentence; if you do then youll start to get a different meaning from it that wasnt what i meant it to be, i just couldn't get the right words.)

Today was ( I think ) the most strenuos day of doing nothing i have ever encountered in my short but satisfying  life.
Our itinerary for the day was so full of holes where nothingness prevailed that its hardly worth typing. In fact, if you look at our day in a broad sectrum it largely resembles a swiss cheese gnawed by mice  drifting through a wormhole in a pair of black and white polka-dot underpants.
But if you look at it in very minute detail the vague outline of a normal day appears out of the murky depths of utter bewilderment, and those select few whose mental capacity is well above average may be able to grasp it.
To the rest of you suckers, no point in trying to read this.
My day started out with waking up.  (Any of the dumb people who have regrettably read further than the last line are surely gibbering helplessly. By the end of the seventh line close friends and family must lead them to the nearest mental rehabilitation center, as they will be hopeless cases.)

Next an epic debate with Sam about whether or not to go elephant trekking today (Koh Chang) or  in a couple of weeks  (Chang Mai)  that consisted of four facts, four yawns and one statement. It went something like this;
"Koh Chang hot."
Yawn (me.)
"Chang Mai not so hot."
Yawn (Sam, and I hope you're all safely in padded cells by now.)
"Hot air rises."
Yawn (me.)
"Elephant's are tall."
Yaawnn (Sam.)
And now the statement;
"Chang Mai it is."
Dad just came in and told me to stop typing now because this is already much longer than the other entries.
I complained that I was only up to the second event of the day and leaving this at this stage was much like leaving an enourmously entertaining blog entry when its just got on a roll, ( in fact, startlingly similiar) but to no avail.
I therefore must sum this up as briefly as possible (though it pains me greatly.)
Our day consisted of walking down to the beach, having breakfast, lounging about, walking further down the beach, having lunch, playing a highly (in my case) unsuccessful card game, walking further down the beach and into town, doing some shoppping, walking back out of town along the beach and to our temporary home, ordering dinner, eating dinner, typing this, and (I am now predicting) going to bed.

There will hopefully be an interesting entry tommorow (unfortunately not by me) because we are going snorkelling!!!!
So for now, bye!
By Bee =]


June 26, 2009
Steve, let B type. I was just starting to get into the day and you cut her off...
June 26, 2009
elephant riding along the beach, splashing in the water. I call that HOT.
belinda Caldwell:
June 26, 2009
Great writing, Bee! Now I get what your Dad has been raving about.
Steve=got draft agreement for next round which I sent to your email but nothing too dramatic in it. APNA office is also on the move amidst much debate in the office. have to be out by September or thereabouts. Lucy in charge of office hunting and found a very cool office on Canterbury Rd opposite Kate's much to Matt's distress. But are looking at a couple in Richmond. So relax before you have to flex all those muscles moving!
Richard Paul Vabre:
June 26, 2009
I know that it will make me even more insanely envious, but you did, after all, promise some pictures...
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