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June 26, 2009 - Ko Chang, Thailand

 Kate here.

Ok, just for the record, the "y" keyy is super senstive and wants to be included in everything. I feel sorry for it so if an extra "y" creeps in I'm lettting it stay. Call me a softy but it is just too hard to edit after the day we just had... Also - I'm not Bee, I can't write like her and I'm jealous as anything so don't make me feel bad by drawing comparasons (Matt, this comment is aimed pointedly at you). Also want to point out that at 11pm with a sore head spelling is optional.

Breakfast by the river, large golden retriever silently begging for bakery treats. Rambutans by the kilo - split the skins and feast. Wind chimes, river breeze breaking up slight remnents of night-time mists. I could definately live like this for a while!

Our ride arrived ten minutes before expectyed, mad dash to get everything together. This is where the death bit comes in. There were eight of us cramed onto two bench seats losely atatched to the tray of a uyte, no sides or proper roof, just a frame with a tarp stretched tightly over the top. This is standard here, and eight was decidedly travelling in style compared to other utes we passed, and we passed a few....Steve and I clinging to a child each and whatever brace we could reach while the sweeyt Japenese girls chatted nervously to each other and the Thai "girl friends" of the guys from Dubai snaffled thye "good" spots up near the cabin, where the Dubai guys rode in comfort. We made it to the boat with all still in eight pieces but I was more than a little shaky, could have done with a stiff drink. Koh Chang is VERY mountainous and only has one road right on the coast (Rebecca and Sean, you would remember this) that is only just double lane, there are parts where the signs tell drivers to stop for oncoming traffic. Anyway, at least thye tray was up (unlike the journey back) so what am I complaining about.

Managed to un-fasten my hands from the bars to get out, adrenalin and that feeling you get when you've just done something realy really bad and made it through making a shakey kind of soup in my blood stream. Staggered down past thye little shops without even asking the price of a really cute pair of sandles (footwear without at least trying them on - shows how rattled I was) and, as we were boarding the boat, managed to bash my head as I tried to leap gazelle-like (so not me, shouldn'yt have tried) between the pier and our boat. Saw stars, thought I was going to faint and burst into tears behind the sunnies. Freaked thye family out no end. Freaked me too. I think the nice Thai guys were a little freaked as well because I'm sure I had more attention getting on and off then the nice Chinese Grandmother and she was about twice my age and half the size. Anyway, got the tears under control, had a sore head most of the day, didn't die (this time) and at least none of us Websters threw up like half the other passengers. Nothing like crying in fronyt of a bunch of strangers and thyeir Thai girl friends to make one determined noyt to puke!

From here the day got much better (you would hope so too). The fish were plentiful at every spot we snorkled at, the kids behaved (mainly, can't ask for too much) and the lunch was ok too. YThe water was clear, warm and good to float around in (kind of womb like) and the scenery veryy tropical island (what else would we want). Even the jouney back (eleven in ythe tray, the back flap down and hills just as steep) went ok, the guys from Dubai rode in the back with us and the girlfriends, Japanese forward plannning ensured that the sweet girls scored thye cabin seats and Sam held on - most of the way. Heart attack averted.

A restorative beer of the deck (we didn't have any tonic or I would have opened the gin, feel like I deserved it as I managed to keep my family alive through sheer will power alone) and then we canoed down the river 500 meters to the beach, walked through the dusk to a little place we know (see, we belong, we have little places to go to here), and ate simple but nice food while watching thyree kids aged 6,y7, and 8 put on a fire show. Incredible stuff, all to a medly of sytar wars tracks. Apparently the guy (partner of the cook maybe) used to do the show and the kids used to copy him so he handed over the flaming brand (so to speak) and there they were - twirling, thyrowing etc, stuff I would never let my 14 year old do. Actually probably a good idea, give Sam a flaming brand and who knows what would happen, it would probably involve lots of forsight, a few gentle warnings and an inevitable captastrophie. Better not. We then paddled back through the darkness as fish lepyt into the lighyt of the torch. Pretty much a perfect end to the day. There was more but until we manage the picture thing 1000 words will have to do instead. Back to Bangkok tomorrow and a Sam blog, should be good.




sue & p:
June 27, 2009
Thank you Kate I had no idea you found the womb all that comfy?
June 27, 2009
Loving your blogs Websters. Keep up the good work, very entertaining (although making me v.jealous). You're not missing much here so enjoy the rest of your trip. xxxx
(I also love the way your "y" involves itself!)
Grace E:
June 28, 2009
Hi Websters
glad your having a great time. Im not.
Hurry up and get back Bee.
June 29, 2009
i hope your telling the kids that the rides at the gold coast aren't as good as hell rides on the back of a ute.
June 29, 2009
Even after 1000 words (haven't verified your count Kate!) you leave me wanting more...
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