Slowing down before India...

November 8, 2012 - Lewes, United Kingdom

We're enjoying long walks in the countryside and quiet time together, while preparing for the upcoming trip. We have a little spiritual household with morning and evening meditation in the meditation room and shared cooking of joint meals.

Our second night here was quite spectacular: Guy Fawkes' Night, when the streets were cleared by 2pm and a rumored 20,000 people came to town to witness the action... Around 10pm, there was a massive march right down our street with people bearing torches and effigies, and throwing fireworks. All quite good-humored. Lots of people in costumes that are supposed to date from the sixteenth century, but somehow included zulu warriors, confederate soldiers, and even red "Indians'!

The weather has been cold but sunny or slightly overcast, so hat, gloves and scarf are called for when outside. Days are short - it gets dark soon after 4pm.



November 8, 2012
What a lovely site. Safe travels and many mantrams rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama love diana
November 9, 2012
Take lots of good pictures - and don't think about work at all!
Safe journey........may you stay "slowed down" throughout!
November 14, 2012
Aloha means goodbye, love and hello. Wishing you much ALOHA as you go deep to discover our teacher's roots.
November 14, 2012
Hi there!

I didn't get an email update, but I went to your site anyway and found the photos. Great! Glad you arrived safely. We're all thinking of you . . . I'll tell Christine the photos have been posted.

November 14, 2012
lovely slideshow! Thank you! We think of you frequently and send mantrams each time!
November 17, 2012
Oh Ram, may all be well in your journey; may our Beloved Easwaranji flood every step of your path with light.
November 17, 2012
Great Satsang for all by way of the slideshow.
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