Introducing Cali

August 29, 2009 - Cali, Colombia

Hello to everyone, friends and family!  This past Thurs was the one month anniversary of moving to Cali, Colombia.  It has been an insanely busy month finding a place to live, getting ready for school and having the first week and a half with my kids!  It has been a bit of an adjustment getting used of the 30 degree weather everyday and having to communicate in my poor excuse for Spanish.  But over all it has been amazing.  We call this the honeymoon phase.

There is quite a nice piece of green space two blocks north of our apartment where I have found time to run along a beautiful little river.  On one side you see the river and the other side, men playing soccer for endless hours and families flying kites way up in the sky, every night.  There is one area where an outdoor weight lifting area is set up.  You will see many males (only) lifting weights made out of blocks of concrete. It's quite serious.

At school, I have been given 19 wonderful students,  12 boys and 7 girls.  I am beginning to get to know them which has been a very interesting experience.  They seem to be very lively, which means they LOVE to talk.  They highly prefer to speak in Spanish and have some problems communicating to me in English.  This has actually  helped me to learn more Spanish.

My house mate, Lori, and I live in a beautiful apartment.  There is a spectacular balcony view of the Andes.  We spend lots of time here rocking in our hammocks.  We have a spare bedroom specifically for visitors! So look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy this pics!


Neighbour kids!


August 30, 2009
Add me. Looking forward to reading about ur adventures!!!
August 31, 2009
Wow, Martha! Sounds like quite an adventure. You sound really happy. Continued happiness and success to you.
August 31, 2009
Hey Martha!
Good Luck and stay safe!!
August 31, 2009
Glad to hear from you. Thank you. I look forward to hearing often from you like this. Neat! My Mom turned 94 on Saturday. Colin called her here.....he's now in Saskatton. Takes possession of their new home on the 1st (tomorrow!) so today was busy getting new phone numbers (just when I have the old one memorized!) etc. She had a lovely w/d here with us. Cole Brute took her home today to more cards and cake with friends there. She is overwhelmed!
sara klinck:
September 1, 2009
So great to hear about your new adventure. We have good friends here in Hamilton who are from Colombia. They keep telling us how beautiful it is there, and now I call tell from your pictures that they are right!
I hope you are doing really well!
September 17, 2009
Martha, we need more pictures so we can pretend we're joining you in beautiful Cali.
Love to see shots of your class if you can.
Joanna Werner:
October 4, 2009
Have you eaten any pet-type animals yet? AHH!
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