San Agustin

October 15, 2009 - San Agustín, Colombia

Just finished a day of teaching that ended in a huge thunderstorm, which would not be that bad if it was not for a three wall classroom.  The sheets of rain were coming in sideway into the classroom and the thunder seemed to be amplified as it struck close by.  So try keeping the kids attention while teaching factors and arrays of 100, while they are either running outside (not sure why?) dodging the palm branches that are falling down from the trees or they are inside crossing themselves and praying to Mary that they will survive.  Makes for a interesting last period!

This past week the kids had a one week holiday from school.  Lori and I decided to venture out to a little town called San Agustin.  It was a smooth 2 hour ride to Popayan then another 6.5 hour sketchy road to San Agustin OVER the central range of the Andes.  The 6.5 hour ride was in a little bus in which my seat was not secured to the bus floor and was swinging back and forth the whole way.  At least we had a seat because there were many people standing up the whole way!  It was a beautiful vacation in San Agustin!  The first day we went white river rafting down the Rio Magdalina (One of the biggest rivers in Colombia) where we got up to 3.5 rapids and I learnt how to raft in Spanish.  Our guide sang at the top of his lungs while we went through the rapids.  I think it was for a calming effect.

The next day was my favourite so far in Colombia.  We went horse back riding ALL day in which a painful experiences followed for a couple days.  We saw some amazing scenary and got to visit with locals in the mountains.  One lady (a friend of our guide, Lucas) kindly gave us a refreshing glass of brown water, which we drank and have so far not subsided to any illness as a result.  I have never gone so fast on a horse before and I had my first try at being on a horse when it skids to a stop (if it was not for the sadle horn I would have gone over his head).

Our last day we spent on a jeep (truck) tour to see the country side and the many many burial sites of the native cultures that were there 5000 years ago.  You can see the pictures and get a better idea of what they looked like.

Well that was my my first Thanksgiving weekend in Colombia!  Hope all is well!


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jemma and dan:
October 20, 2009
Sounds like an amazing vacation! Hope you are researching some good fun for our trip. I will soon have to book my vacation time for next year. What dates will you have off in the spring?
November 2, 2009
hey, would love a letter from you sometime. I hear a certain son of mine is heading south in a week and couple of days. Hope you both have a wonderful visit together - in between your work - and that you will sense our Lord in your midst. Praying for you!
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