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November 10, 2009 - Cali, Colombia

Two CRAZY weeks at school have past!  Less than one week until the big bike tour, Tierra Dentro.  It has been awesome training for this tour and getting to see all parts of amazing Colombia that I never would have otherwise.  Last Sunday I chased I wild horse across a mountain ridge!  Two weeks ago we did a tour near the city Tulua.  I am learning how to not give up after 2.5 hours of steady uphill climb before there is a flat.  I am learning how to bike faster down the trails (clear head necessary to avoid washouts and holes).  I am also learning how to bike fast on straight stretches with 90 other cyclists in the pack. 

There is a new trafic rule in Cali, "you must wear your seat belt".....apparently you get a big fine if you don't!!  I thought they would have first passed the law about how many babies you are limited to on one motorcycle. 

I have learnt that if you call all your kids sweet little chicklets and smile really big, they do not seem as off task.

Will write more after more adventures. 



The road
Rio Cauca view
Rio Cauca view


November 21, 2009
how was the big bike tour? Did Adrian participate at all? I sent you an email.....
December 6, 2009
YAY! were you a drug runner? on bike? how did that go for you ? :P

Hope to visit you soon!

jemma and dan:
December 8, 2009
Great pictures of the bike tour! Wow you saw some amazing sights. Beautiful scenery. We want to hear more about the 8ft fall, scary.
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