Summer in January

January 21, 2010 - Cali, Colombia

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Back to Colombia for a nice hot January where the several layers of clothes are put away until next time and the spread eagle sleeping position resumes.  It has taken a while to adjust to the feeling of Cali being my home once again, but our hammocks on the balcony have really helped.  It was so nice to be in Canada for three weeks and spend time with almost all my family, Adrian and some friends.  I had forgotten how cold the snow can be.  I hope my dad with forgive me for keeping the stoves stalked with wood as to keep the house balmy. :)  And who ever knew nieces and nephews go on growing up even when your not there!  Thank you everyone for an excellent visit!

I was not sure if I was ready to see my kids again until they walked into the room last Wednesday.  Some with big smiling faces and a small hug for me and others with a dramatic frown. "Meesis, is that I want to stay on bacation for more longer!"  Ah, my sweet peas.  Unfortunately it has felt like we are starting again with class rules, cleaning up after ourselves and remembering to speak English.  I am now learning that it is possible for them to be quiet while working, but not silent.  Big difference.  Good to be back. :)

Although I have never been a full supporter of new-year's-resolutions,  I have started to try some yoga since coming back with an effort to extinguish my detest for much-needed stretching. (I am not sure what being a Kinesiologist for two years did to help this).  Although it has really provided relief for my knee injury it has really pin-pointed lots of other weaknesses (including my shoulder, which I unfortunately dislocated yet again, yesterday in yoga...)

Last weekend six of us hiked up the hill of three crosses.  I can see this foothill from our apartment.  It was a hot hike that day leaving our house as late as 8am.  It was only a couple hours to the top with beautiful views into the mountains and of Cali.  When we got to the top, I was surprised to see a gym, with concrete equipment, at the foot of the three crosses.  What a great temperature and view to work out with!  It turned out to be a macho show.  I mean, anybody can climb to the top, but can you lift weights too big for you AFTER you climb to the top (proper form at the gym is definitely not necessary)?

February is turning out to be a very busy month with everything landing on the end of the month.  Is this not how teaching always is?  We are doing a large unit on poetry that I am trying to develop a love for, that I somehow did not develop in my younger years.  The students seem to have an ease for writing beautifully descriptive poems.  We are still working on how to think out of the typical box of poetry they have seen so far.  

 I hope your January has been a good start to another year and you look forward to what this year will develop.

Signing off until next time!


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Aunt Marilyn:
January 21, 2010
What a magnificent view on your bike trip! Your kids sound precious. When they start complaining to you, you know you have their trust. I think of you often. Be well.

Aunt Marilyn
January 25, 2010
Hey, you got to see Adrian? I didn't know! That is great! I am sure both of you were glad!
March 26, 2010
Hi Franzi I like it baby. Have a nice journey yeh.
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