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August 8, 2010 - Cali, Colombia

Year Two!! With everything seeming to duplicate (Second first day back at school, second first day with the kids, second pacifico music concert etc) my world aronud me is seeming to become more familar and comfortable.  It's a strange feeling experiencing this outside your own country!  This past year has brought MANY changes and it is interesting to anticipate what this next year will bring!

Our kids come on Wednesday and this bussiness starts up all over again! Yay!

This summer I went to Quito, Ecuador for 3 weeks to learn some Spanish so I could become more competent with my Colombian friend's and to have less break downs in the bank.  It was a great school (Yanapuma) and I was able to travel a bit in Ecuador.  UNFORTUNTY I dropped my latest digital camera in the toilet.  There is no need for explanation, it simply just feel in. Needless to say. I was not able to take many pictures in Ecuador.

The second half of my summer I spend traveling with Enrique to the northern (Atlantic/Caribbean) Coast of Colombia.   On my blog you find some pictures from this trip (taken on Enrique's film camera).


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