Swingin' With Jesus :)

November 2, 2010 - Spirit Lake, Iowa, United States

 I had an AWESOME devotional time the other morning when we were in Houston MN.  I was just going to sit in the church and read my Bible or watch one of my blackhawk sermons, but the sun was shining and I haven't ran outside in forever so I mustered up the energy to bundle up (it's getting cold out!), take my camera and ipod, and go for a walk.  I didn't know where I was going and didn't have a particular desination in mind, I just wanted to immerse myself in the beauty of the day that God was providing me with.
  I then found a park about 6 blocks down from the church so naturally I took a little detour.  It must've been a park that was dedicated to veterans-there was a tank and some American Flags that I took some pictures of.  There was a beautiful frost this morning so everything had a shiny snowflake-like residue on it- got me excited for the amazing winter pictures that will soon be taken!
  Then I walked over to the playground and sat down on a swing and a burst of energy just took me over and I started pumping my legs and swinging as high as I could.  The song "Blue Sky" by a christian artist Francesca Battistelli came on my ipod with lyrics shouting "let my love be your blue sky....keep on walking don't loose heart, because I am here wherever you are," and I just felt like flying.  Then I just started to imagine Jesus pushing my swing-making me go higher and higher each time.  And I just had to scream and laugh!!!  I felt so much like a littler girl playing with her imaginary friend-except it wasn't imaginary--it was JESUS!!! He and I just sat on those swings and I allowed Him to sweep me off my feet-handing all my cares, fears, joys, and feelings of exhaustion and doubt over to Him.  And he was at my back the whole time pushing me higher than I could ever push myself and laughing with me and encouraging me.  For those 15 minutes I felt what it was like to be a carefree kid who felt spoiled by each and every blessing of that morning.
  I walked back to the church feeling excited and renewed.  And  I thought of all the ways which God has joined with me and pushed me in ways that I could never do on my own.  I have been on that swing so many times in life, not having the energy or the spirit to lift my legs off the ground and start pumping my legs.  there have also been times where I KNEW that I should've lifted off and gone with where the Lord wanted to push me but I kept my feet planted-sometimes not even willing to even sit on the swing.  But when I do sit down, and when I do allow the Lord to push me to however high I'm supposed to go, what an amazing experience is always turns out to be and with that I learn SO MUCH MORE than I would ever learn on my own!!!  May you all see the ways in which God pushes you to newer and higher heights each and every day for His glory!!!
In Him and only by His Strength-


November 3, 2010
another wonderful article Sarah. I envisioned you swinging on the swing. What a wonderful picture it made in my mind. You always have a way to connect your experiences in a way that allows us to visualize, and we can see Jesus pushing you higher and higher, with God looking from the blue sky above. Have you tried to put some thoughts into lyrics/music? God bless!!!
November 5, 2010
Ah, Sarah!!!! You truly amaze me! Who better to swing with than Jesus. He is with you every step of the way!
My oldest sister has been in hospital so have not been on line much. Keeping phone line open. She is getting better thanks to prayer and the medical field.
I SEE where you must be going or have already gone to Spirit Lake, Iowa??? That is only 17 miles from my home town of Jackson, Mn,where I grew up. We used to go to Spirit Lake often in the summer. Sarah...you are traveling in my old stompn grounds!
Rushing as I am expecting a call...
TONS of love to you!! Vi
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