Yuma, AZ To Tucson, AZ

February 7, 2010 - Tucson, Arizona, United States

The day we left Yuma, we had an unexpected delay.  When I woke up, Lanny told me that the three middle fingers on his right hand were paralyzed and numb.  We got dressed and located an Urgent Care.  By the time we saw the doctor, nothing else had happened and they didn't have the facilities to do any testing.  Now we know, just go straight to ER.  The doctor pretty much ruled out a stroke, UTI, or heart attack.  He figured that a nerve had been pinched and the feeling and use of his hand would come back.  It was a bit unnerving and again we are reminded about how quickly things can change your life.  We have much to be grateful for.

We said goodbye to our Canadian friends that had parked next to us at the casino for the week.  They are in an Alfa RV also.  We stopped for gas and finally got on the road.  Needless to say, it was my day to drive.  We drove until just before sunset and stopped in a rest area near Gila Bend, AZ for the night.  The next day I drove the rest of the way to Casa Grande, AZ.  After checking in, I tried for the first time, to park the RV in the campsite without it being a pull-through.  Did pretty good.  I just backed in, pulled forward a couple feet and backed into place.  Lanny lost his walkie-talkie and had to resort to running around waving frantically and yelling.  The neighbors just sat around quietly watching the episode.  I am getting another chuckle writing about it.  EVERYONE should have a turn on the ground.  You have to do it to really get the feeling.

We basically stopped at Casa Grande, AZ to have full hookups for a couple days.  We had boondocked for 16 days straight and we had a ton of laundry to do.  Everything needed cleaning.  We were surprised at the community in the park and the weather was great.  One night there was live music and over one hundred people attended.  We could spend some more time there in the future. 

Near Casa Grande are some ruins from the Hohokam civilization.  No one knows for sure why they left or what happened to them.  It was designated an archaeological reserve in 1892 and a national monument in 1918.  The centerpiece of Casa Grande is a 4-story structure that dates from the late Hohokam period, probably around the 14th century.

It was a short drive (70 miles) to Tucson.  We stopped there for a few days to visit a friend, Janet, of "many" years.  She had made arrangements so we were able to park next to her apartment.  Her friend, Denny, arrived the same day we did.  Just happened that Janet has HD TV and the guys watched the Super Bowl.

We also went to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum.   It was a few miles from Tucson and a beautiful drive.  It was a big place and took a few hours to go through the buildings, outdoor exhibits and desert gardens.  There was a beautiful sunset on the way back to town.  We finished the day by eating out at a Chinese buffet.

Another day we went to see the Mission San Xavior del Bac.  It was called the "White Dove of the desert".  You can see why in the pictures.  The first priest to serve this mission began his service in 1641.  The current building was constructed between 1783 and 1797 by the Tohono O'odham tribe.  It is very beautiful.



Sharon Cool:
February 23, 2010
Your trips always sound and look exciting and fun. Where are you now?
Mel Elfring:
February 23, 2010
If you click on "Map", it shows where we have been in one color and where we will be in another color. Then, by scrolling down you can see the projected dates and locations. Another interesting thing you can do while on the map is to click the "map" drop down menu in the top right corner and coose a different style map.
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