Summer Trip 2012

September 2, 2012 - Silver Falls State Park, Oregon, United States

For at least the last four years we have talked with Lanny's sister and her husband (Nica & Dean) about what we could do together after she retired.  Well, she retired this summer and they met up with us in Eugene, OR the first week of August.

Our first stop was Diamond Lake.  August is the worst month for catching fish, but we spent some time fishing and caught a few.  One day we went to Crater Lake, which is always beautiful.  In camp we had darts and ladderball and campfires.  The weather was warm and we had a great time.

The drive to Sunriver was on a sunny warm day.  Perfect for cruising up OR 97 in central Oregon.  We got a couple good sites next to each other.  The area is know for its' volcanic past.  We spent some time exploring the Newberry Crater National Monument.  It includes 50,000+ acres of lakes, lava flows, and spectacular geologic features. One being the huge obsidian flow. The highest point within the Monument is the summit, Paulina Peak (7,985 ft.), showcasing views of the Oregon Cascades and across the High Desert.

We made a short stop (two nights) at Silver Falls State Park.  This really is a place to see.  August may not be good for fishing, but it is great for hiking the Trail of Ten Falls/Canyon Trail at the park.  The trail goes behind several of the falls.  I was not up to the hike, but Lanny, Nica and Dean took lots of photos.

From there we went to the Oregon coast but took time on the way to stay in Clackamas, OR (Portland, OR area) for a few days.  We were able to park our coach next to Jeff and Penny's new home.  They were married in July.  Five of their seven children live with them.  She has twins that are eight years old and Jeff's youngest son is eight.  Yep, three 8 year olds and Jeff's twins are 17 years old.  Spencer and Conner are seniors this year and both have their drivers licenses.  We had a great time with them!


Conner & Spencer At Their 17th B-Day Party
Jeff & Penny
Jeff & Penny In Front Of Their New House
Levi  On The Computer

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October 28, 2012
Sounds like you had a great time. I'll bet Nica is happy to be retired so she can travel more. We have done the Oregon coast as you know, and it is beautiful, but I can see we definitely have to go inland next time we head west. Stay safe.
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