Seaside, OR- Summer 2012

September 15, 2012 - Seaside, Oregon, United States

The first weekend of September we arrived in Seaside, OR.  Nica and Dean had arrived a few days earlier.  We were at this location only eleven days but we got a lot of siteseeing done.  Some of it was done on foggy cold days but, we also had some great sunny days.

One day we drove across the Astoria-Megler Bridge into Washington.  This bridge is 4 1/2 miles long.  That is how wide the Columbia River is at this point.  The bridge wasn't completed until 1966.  We saw the two lighthouses near the mouth of the Columbia River and an old fort.  Another day we went to Ft. Stevens on the Oregon side of the Columbia.  Lots of history in our country's defense.  We also saw the 100 year old wreck of the Peter Iredale.  There are over 2,000 shipwrecks around the mouth of the Columbia River.  Not many are visable.

Cannon Beach was about a ten minute drive.  We went there three times before we saw it in the sun.  And, never made it at low tide.  At low tide there are some great tide pools.

There is a small river that runs through Seaside.  We all have new inflatable boats and took the opportunity to launch them for the first time.  It has been a lot of years since we have done that.  We needed an outting to work out all the little glitches.

Astoria is an interesting place to visit.  The Astoria Column was erected in 1926 at an elevation of 600 feet atop Coxcomb Hill, the location of the first permanent American Settlement west of the Rockies.  There is a 164-step spiral staircase to the viewing deck at the top of the column. From the viewing deck there is an unforgettable view of the city and surrounding rivers, bay, forest, mountains and Pacific Ocean.

We drove as far south as Neahkahnie Mountain.  In 1940 a narrow road was built on an ancient Indian trail over the Neahkahnie Mountain headland.  It was the final segment of a highway that hugged the Oregon coast from Astoria south to the California border.  It is about the most hair raising part of highway 101, from the passenger seat in the southbound lane, on the Oregon coast.

Another new thing we are doing is playing Pickle Ball.  I guess it is something like tennis except everything is smaller.  The net is lower, the court is smaller and the paddles are smaller than tennis racquets.  The park had good courts and we managed to play most days.  It is a lot of fun.


Cape Disappointment Lighthouse In WA
North Head Lighthouse In WA
Lanny At Peter Iredale Shipwreck
One Of Three Elk We Saw At Ft. Stevens
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