Newport, OR- Summer 2012

October 10, 2012 - Seaside, Oregon, United States

On September 27th we drove down the Oregon coast from Seaside to Newport, OR.  It was 125 miles of meandering south.  You just cannot drive very fast on the coast highway.  It was a clear sunny day for a drive.

Newport has two lighthouses.  We did the tours at both of them.  Below the lighthouse out on the point there are some great tide pools and an area with lots of seals.

We made a day trip to Depoe Bay and saw so many whales that we made the trip again.  We stopped at most of the scenic overlooks and saw whales almost everywhere.  In all the years I have lived in Oregon and visited the coast, I have only seen the spray from a whale a few times off in the distance.  These whales were everywhere, up close and out as far as we could see.  We took LOTS of pictures.

The RV park had a pickleball court that had a slope and it was not in very good condition.  We didn't let that hinder us though.  We are having a good time learning a new game and getting a workout.


Coastline North Of Florence, OR
Another View Of The Coast Highway
That's Us Driving The Oregon Coast
Crossing The Siuslau River At Florence, OR

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December 16, 2012
We loved Whaler's Rest Campground. We parked in the wooded side also, and we even managed to get our satellite to work there. We only saw one whale while we were there. Newport is a beautiful area and we had been to all the places in your pictures. Fun to see the area again.
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