Florence, OR Summer 2012

October 20, 2012 - Florence, Oregon, United States

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On September 27th we drove from Newport, OR to Florence, OR.  The weather had definitely started cooling.  There was a thin fog on the coast that shows in the photos.  It wasn't much over an hours drive.  We set up our new camp and the next day Lanny and Dean drove to Eugene and got our boat out of storage.

We went crabbing a couple days but only caught enough crab for a feast that night.  We decided to wait for the good tides and weather before going out again.

One day we went to a nearby state park where there is a lake in the sand dunes, Cleowox Lake.  We took our inflatable boats and spent an afternoon exploring it.  It was a beautiful day.

Another day we started out with intentions to drive to Shore Acres, just south of Charleston, OR.  We only got as far as Winchester Bay.  We did the lighthouse tour.  Then learned about the oyster beds out by the jetty.  Nica and Dean bought some fresh oysters and cooked them for dinner.

Another day we drove north to Yachats, OR and made stops on our way back to Florence.  First stop was a picnic by the ocean.  Near there we discovered a spouting horn in the rocks.

A new location for us was near the top of Cape Perpetua.  We drove a winding road up to a parking area and then walked a short trail to a lookout built by the CCC's in 1934.  The CCC's (Civilian Conservation Corps) was a government program, during the great depression, that hired single young men to develope natural resources on government lands in every state.  Their wage for a month was $30 and they had to send $25 home to their parents.  During the nine years it was in existence, it employed 2.5 million young men.  It is an interesting part of our history that you can Google to learn more about.  Everywhere we travel we see signs acknowleding the work of the CCC's.

On a clear day from the lookout, you can see 70 miles of coast line and 37 miles out to sea.  The "best view on the Oregon coast".  You can also see Cook's Chasm and the huge spouting horn from the lookout.  From the trail through the forest on the north side, you can see Yachats.

The last week in Florence we went crabbing five days in a row.  The tides were the best for crabbing and the weather was beautiful.  Every evening our dinner was eating all the crab we wanted and freezing the rest.  We ended up with 23 lbs of crab meat.  It was a great time!

Our time on the Oregon coast was memorable.  It was about two months of great weather, camping, and sightseeing.  Some highlights we enjoyed were scenic vistas, boating in our inflatables, whale watching and crabbing.  Now we are off to California and Arizona and more adventures.

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