Leaving Eugene, OR - Dec 2013

January 9, 2014 - Eugene, Oregon, United States

(The photos show in reverse order.)

It has been a while since my last post.  On this trip we plan to go south to southern California, east to Texas, north to South Dakota, west to Washington and then to Oregon.  We should arrive there in August next year.  Hope to see and do many interesting things.

We stayed in Eugene, OR for two months.  We took care of our annual physicals plus additional medical procedures.  :(  Most of one month we were cleaning up our house after the renters moved out and before new ones moved in.  Made lots of trips to the storge unit, stuff in, stuff out.  After we got on the road we found more things that we overlooked taking to storage. Can never win in the battle to get stuff out of the coach and travel lighter.  Our favorite part of staying in Eugene was family.  No offense to the "grown ups" but we particularly loved spending time with the little ones.

We normally do not stay in Oregon into December.  We were hoping to skate by without bad weather but... did we ever get caught.  It got so cold that it came close to breaking the all time cold weather record for Eugene.  The record for any date ever is minus 12* and we reached minus 10*.  For a week the highs were below freezing and the nights were reeeally cold.  We prepared and did well for several days.  When we ran out of water in the fresh water tank we discovered that both places to get water in the coach were frozen as well as the park water hookup.  So, the last 3-4 days there we carried water in gallon jugs from the park bathroom for drinking, cooking and flushing.  For most of a week the space heaters did not keep up over night.  It was so cold in the mornings I stayed in bed and watched TV until the sun came up and warmed us some.

I don't know what the official snow depth was but our yard had about 8 inches.  And most of it was still there when we broke camp.  The weather cams showed the highway to California was clear for one day before another storm arrived.  The roads to the freeway had not cleared but, we took the opportunity and headed out.  When we were breaking camp we were unable to dump the tanks because the park water was still frozen and so were the tanks in the coach.  Also, Lanny had to spend an hour chipping ice off the slides before we could bring them in.  We drove 311 miles to Redding, CA.  There we used a hair dryer to thaw the black and grey tanks and dump them.  A search through the storage compartments and on the ground under the coach showed there were no puddles.  To our amazement we found that the only thing broken from all the freezing was a gizmo to the ice maker.

We made a couple stops on the way, but after eight days and 1005 miles, we arrived in Palm Desert.  The weather is mid 70's and low 80's.  We are parked in palm trees and sun.   Mmmmmm!


Day One of the Snow
Gramma and Grandkids
Travel Day, Lanny Getting Ready
Verrrry Cold!

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January 13, 2014
Wow, you guys really had an adventure. You're lucky nothing else was damaged from the cold. I love snow, but I think we'll keep the motorhome out of it, especially after your story. Glad you made it to Palm Desert safe.
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