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February 1, 2014 - Yuma, Arizona, United States

Palm Springs did not disappoint.  It was not quite as warm as usual, but mid and high 70's for Christmas and New Year's was okay.  Our campsite was across the road from the pickleball courts making it convenient to play.  Only a few RV parks have courts, so we play whenever we can. We did a couple hikes NE of the Salton Sea.  One hike was an oasis and the other at a slot canyon.

On our way to the Yuma area, we stayed a couple nights at Niland, CA, on the Salton Sea.  This time we were able to find the geothermal mud pots.  This area is on the San Andreas fault and has lots of seismic activity.  There are seven geo thermal power plants on the south end of the sea.  The area is on a migration flyway so there are birds by the millions.  There are lots of species.  One of our favorites lives there year round.  It is the Burrowing Owl.  They are funny to watch.

Our purpose for going to Yuma. AZ was mainly to have dental work done in Algodonas, Mexico.  Lanny had an infection in one tooth.  After a root canal and a week of antibiotics, he had a new crown and post done.  Also, we did our shopping and preparation for eight days on the desert with no hookups.  Yuma is a favorite place to shop outdoor (and indoor) markets.

The weather in Quartzsite, AZ was great.  We walked the "big tent" at the huge RV Show several times and the surrounding shopping areas.  Lanny found a good deal on tires for the coach.  It was past time for replacement.  Sooo glad to have that done.

While in Eugene, OR, the first week in December, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis.  The cough lasted weeks.  While camped on the desert I got sick again.  One night about 1:00 AM, it got so bad that we drove to the emergency room.  It was a 90 mile drive to the hospital in Yuma.  The treatment and meds got me on the way to being well again.

From Quartzsite, we drove a couple hours east to Apache Junction, AZ for two weeks.  Then Lanny got sick.  This is one of our favorite places.  This year we spent the time staying away from the activities to avoid giving the bug to anyone.  Disappointing!  During that time Lanny was eating something and his bridge "came loose".

Instead of moving on to Tucson, we drove back to Yuma.  Lanny went to the dentist in Algodonas four days in a row.  One of the anchor teeth for the bridge had broken in half.  He had another root canal, post, and a four tooth bridge done.  ONLY a thousand dollars.

Okay, all the dental work is done and we are both healthy again!  Now let's get back to our travel.


Sunsets At The Casino Seldom Disappoint
Back In Yuma - Casino Camping At Dusk
View From Our Coach Every Evening-Not Bad
Mel With Geocache


March 14, 2014
Boy, you guys had your run of luck with the snow in Eugene, Lanny's dental work and your breathing problems. But at least you got a good deal on tires!!! Woo Hoo! BTW we just spent $7,000. on a 5 tooth bridge for Jim!
March 19, 2014
I think I need to go to Algodonas. I am having a crown done in a coupe of weeks, and it is going to be $1100. Can't believe how cheap the price was for all of Lanny's dental work!
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