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January 8, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States

So far so good! California was ace, amazing beaches and countryside! we drove nearly the whole way from L.A to San Francisco with the beach right next to us which was beautiful!

San Francisco was great, we ended us staying in a really nice (and a bit to expensive!) hotel as all the cheap hotels we went into smelt like curry houses and there were no hostels in sight!!! (have'nt really got into the whole backpacking thing yet!!!) We went on one of the cable cars which was fun and went to fishermans wharf and the piers which is where we saw ZOLTAR!!!!! amazing!! (you oldies probs wont know what zoltar is but its from a Tom Hanks film called Big!!) We drove across the Golden gate bridge which is pretty impressive and had a stroll in the golden gate park.

Flew to Boise, Idaho for New Year with Andys Mum.  We went to a couple of bars and had new year in a little wine bar, in downtown boise! Got some pretty strange looks when we sang Auld Lang Syne! apparantly they dont do that over here!! oops!!

Since New Year we've done quite a lot: been snowboarding at 'bogus basin' which is ace! been to see a play called the Sensuous Senator at an amatuer dramatics theatre which was very random but turned out to be really funny! Seen some of Andys family. Eaten quite a lot of fast food!! Been to the mall. Got addicted to krispy kreme donuts! And just had  look a different places in Boise which is a really nice city even tho its FREEZING!!!!!

We were supposed to be snowboarding again today but its snowed so much over the last few days that were snowed in!!! looks like its a day of watching films and being lazy!!!!

Hope everyone is ok, thanks for all the messages!! will write again at some point!


California Sunset
Lunch at Big Sur
Golden gate bridge
The Beast!


Hollie Leitch nee Leitch:
January 14, 2008
im so pleases that there is a place called Boise. It totally rocks man! Im off to germany next week for a month man! the back pack has been re instated! teaching pracive in germany sucks ass. Wish I was with use instead!! keep in touch xxx
January 15, 2008
Heeeey!! cool site guys! so jealous of your travels! argh. glad you sang Auld Lang Syne!! hahahaaaa. Where are you now? i wana come to OZ :( xxxxxxx
January 17, 2008
Hey it sounds amazing! hope your having a great time! you look so trendy in your photo although andy looks like he has something in his eye ...
January 18, 2008
Thought you would like to know that Josh stood up at the side of the couch the other night! Now he will not sit down he thinks he is very clever!
January 18, 2008
Joshua has also got a tooth
January 20, 2008
Oh my god! This all looks pretty amazing. Massively jealous!!! I want to be snowed in in America. Can't believe you meet Austin Powers. Groovy baby!!! Take care. Love you xxxxxxx
auntie les:
January 21, 2008
Hi you two gadabouts! so glad you are having such a great start to your BIG journey- keep in touch and let us know when you think you might be down under-you may get a surprise!!!..(so you may want to lie)Take care of each other and ENJOY, I envy you the adventure
Lots of hugs and love x
January 21, 2008
Hey! Looks like you two are having a mint time - totally jealous! Andy, it's versus cancer in a month - not gonna be the same without you! Take care you two. x
Josh, Amy and Maddie:
January 22, 2008
Hi you two, sounds and looks like your having a great time - maddie wants to know when she's getting another post card?!! All missing you, Take care loads of love Josh, Amy, and lots of kissess from maddie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dad S:
January 22, 2008
I bet you two are so jealous, your snowed in in Idahow and I am in sunny Margate..... it's so hot here
January 25, 2008
Hi Andy/Elly, Josh now has 2 teeth at the bottom. They are so cute (but so sharp and the little blighter still likes the odd bit of breast!! Nightmare). Hope you are well and having fab time. Conserv is coming on a treat. Must dash, just heard him tell me that he's awake!! Round 2 now for nappies, feeds, laughs and crys. He walked 3 steps on his own last week (then fell down!)XXXX
Stevie baby:
January 28, 2008
Hey kids, sorry I couldn't chat for long tonight. Lovin the Steve tribute beard, Holland!

Stay cool. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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