America part 2

January 25, 2008 - Boise City, Idaho, United States

Managed to do loads since we last wrote, but dont worry we're not gona write loads and send you all to sleep, we'll be brief!!

  • Been snowboarding a few times, Andys got really good, Ellys got really Bad at it!!! think its time to give up!
  • Been to the Zoo and Art Gallery in Boise.
  • Visted Idaho City which had about 6 feet of snow!
  • Visited Salt Lake city
  • Shot a semi automatic rifle and a Shotgun, Elly was a bit traumatised by this!! dont think ill be doing it again soon!!!
  • Went to watch a roping competition
  • Been sledging on a really bumpy hill-it hurt a lot!!
  • Seen lots of wild deer and Elk
  • Eaten lots of really tasty food thats really bad for us!!

Think thats about it, we've put some more pics on of us doing some of this stuff! hope you like! One week til we go to vegas now, gettin v excited!!!



Andys addition to our snowman!!
Our snowman!
Anyone got any step ladders so i can get in my car
On the ski lift at Bogus Basin


January 29, 2008
New pics look great!!!! Maddie is missing her Auntie Eddie and Uncle Andy! Speak to you soon and see you in October!!!!!!!!!!
Liz and Keith:
January 29, 2008
Hi Elly and Andy, good pics looks like you are having great fun, expect Vegas will be the next BIG adventure, don't lose all your money tho'!!!
Had email from your Dad this week and he seems to have settled well into the bungalow, we will try to get down to see him in the next couple of months.
take care of each other and look forward to your next blog. Liz and Keith xxx
January 30, 2008
new Pic's look great - bet you cant wait till vegas now!! maddie's loved the second post card and sends lots of kisses to auntie eddie and uncle andy! xx
Liz & Steve Gregson:
January 30, 2008
Just to catch up, the pictures look great.
Steve, Ali and Liz had a really good holiday in Austria. Went to seefeld, which is a very pretty resort in the Tirol. Steve and Ali managed to ski up and down the mountains and Liz managed to ski across the mountains. Lots of super snow, food and wine!!!
Sheila in Tenerife for two weeks with Jo Shipp, so hopefully will have a good time.
Have contacted Tom from time to time and he sends fun e-mails.
Lots of love
Liz xxxxx
February 2, 2008
hiya glad ur havin an ace time!! not envious at all just wanted 2 let u know that we're havin freak tropical weather over here every1s in their biks drinking mojitos and my schools closed down luckily so im having paid leave! i wish!!!! have fun and take care lots of love xxxx
Andy's Mum:
February 4, 2008
Hi kids, hows it going? Give me a call when you can. Its about grandpa. love you. mum
Elly's Dad:
February 5, 2008
I hope your both well and enjoying Vegas..... Don't gamble all your cash!
Alex, Anna, Brodie & Izzy:
February 5, 2008
WOW! Looks like you're having a fab time out there - thanks v much for the postcard and keeping in touch through this website V COOL. We haven't had any snow unlike you guys but it's still been freezing so glad our heating is working excellently... thanks Andy! Wishing you both well on your further travels - keep uploading the photos XXX
February 9, 2008
Hi,It certainly looks like you havin good time,can't believe all the snow.Charlie and George cant get over how deep it is.
Hope you both well and having the best time.Take Care all our love Dunc,Joanne Charlie & George x x x
The Aliens:
February 11, 2008
Looks like your havin a great time so far. Can't wait to see the pics of vegas. Have you told everyone about your forthcoming Elvis themed wedding in the White Chapel yet! he he. Everyone ok over here Dad and car still in one piece.
Love to you both. x x x
Lisa Nick Liv Bob and Hat
Tony Lane:
February 12, 2008
Hi Ya. I am still cross that you didn't take me with you; you know I would have fitted into Elly's backpack !
Seriously, I am so pleased for you - just enjoy yourselves.
Very best wishes - Tony
auntie les:
February 13, 2008
Hi Els and Andy
Uncle paul and Auntie Les off to Switzerland on Friday for another skiing trip- Paul will have his big stick cracking to keep me going in times of huge mountain fright!! Don't know what the snow is like at the moment.. glad you enjoyed your
winter wonderland time- and are you now in Fiji?? Lucky things, one of my most fave places.
Just had a mammoth pasta in Giardino's to celebrate Guardi's return, she looks marvellous- really well!But glad to be home!!
Stay well and will be in touch again when we get back
Fondest love, Auntie Les and licks from Chippo xx
Dad S:
February 15, 2008
Hi you two. Have spoken to Guardi and Mum and they can access your site but neither can leave messages. Hope Fiji is fab...... enjoy!
Andy's Mum:
February 15, 2008
Hi to the both of you.... Hope things are going great for you just to let you know Grandpa is doing alot better now..will keep you posted!!!
Love ya Mum xxxx
February 19, 2008
Hey hey hey, Hope you've arrived safe and sound in christchurch. Greetings from manchester, alls well here and the sun's shinning (shock horror!). Anyway, just thought i'd send some sweet lovin your way - take care, speak soon, Big love, Julesy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
February 22, 2008
Hi you two, hope your having a fab time. We had a lovely time in france. Maddie is loving all the post cards! Josh has started his new job and is really enjoying it - he also told me to tell you to update your site! Speak soon lots of love from all of us and hugs and kisses from maddie xxx
February 22, 2008
Morning Laden! So is the silence on the blogging front something to do with having a quick marridge and gambling all your money away in vegas? ... don't leave us in the dark - reading your tales of fun and adventure is our only way of breaking free from our lives!
the people demand some blog entries!
hope your having fun loads of love gem xx
Little Bro Alex:
February 23, 2008
Hello Andrew and Elly, just thought i would say hello and also tell u i just passed my driving test first time! Well hope your having fun on your travels, dont come back to soon im enjoying using all your stuff haha. Hope to speak soon lots of love Alex x
Hollie Leitch nee Leitch:
February 24, 2008
Hi guys! Hope ur tour is going well. I just got back from gERMANY AND TWAS WELL good experience! Oh and i got a cat who really reminds me of Dommy - i have quite managed to pull off the alien move just yet tho! I kbnow i dont like cates but i got a mouse in my kitchen so thought a cat would be a good solution although it is the most placid cat ive ever seen! and she loves me, she is called Purdy - i wanned to call it slinky malinky but she already had a name! lots of love hollie xxxxx
Claire & Dad:
February 27, 2008
Hi, hope you are well. Josh is really struggling with teeth!! Won't sleep; and he really bites now and so the good old comforter of breast milk is fast depleating. All very tired!! What have you been up to? xxx
February 29, 2008
Hello you two, John allard has kindly let me send a message to you but hopefullt I will have my own computer connected this weekend when U>Paul arrives home. Lovely to speak to you the other morning,what a surprise from N.Z. You sound to be having a wonderful time, keep it going.
Love you loads Guardi xxxxxxx
Kath pissy ass:
March 3, 2008
Ive just since all your photos with Alex, will be visting your website again. You look like your both having a woderful time, Love and look after yourself Kath xxx
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