Vegas - L.A - Hawaii and Fiji !

March 5, 2008 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Sorry its been ages since we last wrote but as you can see we've been pretty busy!!!!

After we left Boise ( and the snow! Yay!!) we had 4 great days in Las Vegas.  We stayed in Circus Circus Hotel on 'the strip' which was ace!  The whole place is so unreal- its like walking into another world!! we played some Roulette on the first night and won $100- then lost it all the next few nights playing blackjack!! Dont think there would have been much of the 'travelling funds' left if we had stayed any longer, it was quite addictive, especially playing with the little chips it didnt feel like money at all- V Dangerous!!!!

We saw a really good show called 'Love' which is a collaboration of Cirque de Soleil and the Beatles at the mirage casino- so many good songs and amazing performances.  We built up the courage to go on a few rollercoasters- New York New York and Andy managed to do the ones on top of the stratosphere tower- Scary!!!

We did a Helicopter flight over the grand canyon and hoover dam that was amazing, we only flew over the west rim of it and that was massive, cant imagine how big the whole thing is!!  The hoover dam was really impressive as well, and just the whole experience of going in a helicopter was great.

Next we headed to L.A after saying a sad goodbye to Andys Mum.  We arrived on the day of the Superbowl so headed to a bar in Santa monica- it just happened to be an English bar so Andy finally got to have a real pint.  Nasty Nigel from pop idol was in there, luckily he left before Andy killed 'champagne Supernova' on the karaoke!!!!! We went to see the hollywood sign and to Venice Beach the next day and hired bikes for a ride down the boardwalk and past muscle beach- V amusing!!!!We met up with Rob and Ashleigh and went up to revolving bar downtown L.A. so saw some amzing views of the city and surrounding areas.  Had an amazing mexican meal, sitting on the next table to the Guys from Crazytown (who we also saw in vegas- Random!)

Flew off to Hawaii really early in the morning, arrived really excited only to find out that it was the probowl weekend which meant all the hotels and Hostels were fully booked-arghhhhhhhhh!!! probably should have known about that seeing as we had spent the last 5 weeks in America!!!! managed to find the last availavble room on the island which turned out to be right next to Waikiki beach, sweet!!!! spent most of the week sizzling on the beach as it was so hot! We went out on a boat sea fishing one day which was great (for the first three hours- until Elly barfed over the edge of the boat due to the storm we hit!!) Found a bar on the beach that sold cocktails in a pineapple- Elly was in heaven! Andy was in hell looking at the bill!!! on the last day we hired a car and explored the rest of the island.  On the way round we found a shack that sold ice cold coconuts with a straw- amazing!!! we were living the hawaian dream!!!!

On the north shore of the island, renowned for its huge waves we watched some crazy old surfer dudes riding 16-20ft waves-nutters!!! we didnt bother with that, we wanted some bigger waves!!

Next on the agenda was Fiji. We landed with nothing booked and no idea of where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do!!! really should start doing some research into these places we're visiting!! It was 5.30 am when we got off the plane and it was absolutely boiling- which pretty sums up the weather in Fiji! Hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, unbearable - AMAZING!!!!!

We ended up on Mana Island  in a Hostel called Ratu Kinis.  It was right on the beach, which is where we spent most of the week.  The hostel was less than 20 pounds a night and included all our 3 cooked meals a day which were all freshly made things that the locals eat- Ideal!  The island itself was in the middle of the ocean, nowhere near any other island and only took two hours to walk round the whole perimeter- which we attempted but failed!!!!way to hot for any of that nonsense so we returned to the beach/sea!!! The sea was constantly at 'bath' temperature which was ace but also bad as it didnt really cool you down when you needed it!!! luckily they only have cold running water on the island so we managed to cool off sometimes!!! Everynight the hostel put on some kind of entertainment which varied from crab racing to local dances- we did limbo one night that technically i won but some other short ass took my prize -not that im still bitter about that at all!!

Internet cafe is closing now so we are beiong turfed out!!! we'll try and update again soon! hope evryone is ok back at home- We're missing you all loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Circus Circus, where we stayed
Cirque de Soleil vs the Beatles
The Bellagio
New York New York Hotel with rollercoaster!


Dad S:
March 5, 2008
Well you guys ...... What a fab time your having, jour pics are great, loved the Hula dancing, where were their hoops? Did you get to eat the fish you caught? Continue having a super time. love to you both.
March 5, 2008
Hi you two, love the pic's and it all sounds sooo fab. keep sending the post cards maddie loves them. Maddie wanted me to tell auntie elly that she has the care bear movie! Speak to you soon love to both of you xxxxx
Andy's Mum:
March 6, 2008
Hi kids Glad to see you've up dated the site. Hope to get to speak to you once you get to Uncle Tony. Send me a e-mail when you get there and I will give you a call for once.... Take care till then love to you both xxxx
March 6, 2008
Hello you two, just read your update what a fabulous time you are having seeing and doing all those things. I have just returned from Lesley s fashion luncheon, thought about you Elly as you were there the last time. Think you will be in Australia now so let me know when you will be at A.Susan and I will telephone you there. Take good care of yourselves love you loads Guardi xxxxxxxxx
Liz & Steve Gregson:
March 7, 2008
Just read the journal and looked at the pictures. So glad you are having such a brillant time, think of you both, often.
Went to Edinburgh on Wednesday and returned with double buggy and lots of baby clothes from Kath for the baby, Layla and Liz off to buy pram Saturday, Steve in charge of Liam, James in Amsterdam with Ben !!!!!!
Have a great time in Australia, and will be interested to know where you went in New Zealand.
Take care, lots of love,
Liz and Steve
March 8, 2008
Hi you two hope all is well. Will text you (need to speak to you very soon). Dont leave it so long before updating although was worth the wait. Maddie says hello and wants to know when you are coming to visit her!!!!! Take care xx
Hollie Leitch:
March 10, 2008
Hi guys. I cant believe what an amazing experience you are having. Im so incredibly jealous! Was talking about coming out to thailand is it? Im trying to imagine u doing all these things! How long have you got left now? Hope the moneys lasting u out ok. Miss u lots and lots xxxxxx
auntie les:
March 11, 2008
Wow! What a trip! So glad you are having SUCH a great time- but have to say Els- WOT are you doing going topless on the bus??!!!!
Guardi delighted that at last Paul has got her on to Broadband and an updated computer so she can track your progress!She is really well at the moment.
Had fashion show last week,phew!another goodie with £2,700 for Breastcare-now catching up with all the thank you letters etc.- just like after Xmas!
Keep on having a lovely- I'm envious!
love to you both xx
Liz and Keith:
March 11, 2008
hi to the two of you, great time you seem to be having, we are so envious, some of places look amazing.
You are probably in Oz by now and hopefully checking out some of the sites there, can recommend the Bridge Climb, in Sydney it was fab experience.
we saw your mum when we were in France a couple of weeks ago, she was full of her trip to Goa, another globetrotter.
we will be back in France next week so will catch up with your next blog from the Bretagne.
take care and continue to have a great time
Love Liz and Keith
March 18, 2008
Hellllllllllllllloooo!! Wow guys looks like ur having an amazing time!!! Feels like u have been gone 4ever.... Miss u lots!!! The pics are amazing too and uve made me even more excited 4 vegas!!!!!
LOve u both lots 4ever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Liz and Keith:
April 5, 2008
Hi Guys, we are just back from France again and your Mum asked me to send her love to you both, as she can't get onto your 'blog', she is fine, working too hard as usual but is well.
Hope you are having a fab time in Oz, there is so much to see, such a big country.
the weather has been awful here so you are in the right place now. have a great 'Oz' birthday Elly, celebrate in style!!

Love Liz and Keith
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