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March 19, 2008 - Adelaide, Australia

The hostel we stayed  offered 'Sea Fishing' so we decided it would be fun to do it seeing as all we'd done so far was laze around on the beach!  The notice board said the trip left at 3.30 'Fiji time' so we didnt actually set off til 5! But sunset is the best time for sea fishing according to Moses who was running the trip!  He has to be the most laid back person we've ever met and such a character!  In his sarong, oakley sunglasses and huge afro, he just laughed at anything and everything!! 

He took us out to the boat- which was a rickity old wooden thing with no seats so we just had to sit on the floor! There were about six of us from the hostel as well as Moses, the driver of the boat and another guy who was there specifically to bail out the water from the back of the boat- which he did constantly!! 

Moses didnt look to have much in the way of equipment with him just one really old looking rod and a little bag, but we set off on the bumpy journey towards one of the other islands where we had to collect some supplies for the hostel before we could start fishing! As we approached the island, (at quite a speed) the driver crashed into a beacon almost chopping off one of the guys arms! Needless to say Moses was chuckling!! 

About an hour later, nearly sunset we stopped at one of the 'best' fishing spots and moses gave us our equipment!! Mine was a plastic bottle with a piece of line wrapped around it and a big old rusty hook on the end!! We each had something along those lines with a huge piece of fish as bait!! With the water being so clear we could all see our pieces of bait sitting in the water, we could also see that there were no fish around but Moses kept assuring us- "any minute now" (chuckle chuckle!!!) After about 10 minutes we had given up on the fushing and just enjoyed the sunset which was amazing. 

 However with the sun nearly set we realised that we had to get back into land and the driver had already crashed in the daylight- we didnt hold out much hope!!  The water was really shallow in places and there was lots of reef so the boats had to follow a strict path into the island marked by beacons so that they didnt hit the reef . By the time we got near to the island it was pitch black and no one could see the beacons so they switched the motor off while we all searched for them!! Still chuckling away Moses spotted them after about 10 minutes and we made our way back into the island in one piece!!  We then had to face the rest of the people in the hostel who had high expectations for a fish dinner!!  Moses offered to take us out again the next day but suprisingly enough we decided to resume lazing on the beach!!

When we left the Island they sung a farwell song for us- all the staff in the hostel gathered round and played guitars and sung us a really sweet song.  Give them any excuse for a sing song and they will be there! Most lunchtimes they sang while we ate, and when we arrived they sang for us and most evenings it was so nice! They were all such happy people, we were really sad to leave when we did.  Fiji is definately my (Elly's) favourite place so far- i'm definately going back at somepoint!! 


One man band Aussie style
Roof of shopping centre
Melbournes Skyscrapers
Federation square


Dad S:
March 19, 2008
I bet your return trip to Fiji will be sooner rather than later ...... continue having fun.
March 21, 2008
Just read your update it all sounds super. Lovely to speak with you Elly the other morning. Did you visit the North Island in N.Z? When you arrive at A.Susans give me a buzz and I will telephone you. Just spoke to her this a.m. and at the moment she has a sore throat, I,m sure it will be better by the time you arrive. Take care keep having a good time
Much love Guardi xxxxxxxx
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