New Zealand

March 19, 2008 - Adelaide, Australia

We arrived in New Zealand on the 19th of February to a warm welcome from Lucy, Matt and Jacob!! For those that dont know who these people are they are part of Andy's extended family(who happened to be on holiday in NZ). We then headed for Matts sisters house for tea (yummy home cooked food!!). The next day we went to a wildlife park where we fed eels raw meet, we also fed the sheep and deer then we were given a tent to borrow for a few weeks off Pete and Emma and we headed off exploring!!

We headed from Christchurch down to a little place called Kurow where we pitched up our oversize tent that would easily sleep 8 people, we had no camping gear just a sleeping bag each a stove and numerous tins of own brand soup, spaghetti and beans- mmmmm!!! We left the nxt day after a WONDERFUL nights sleep for the adventure sports capitol of the world Queenstown, which was nice but way over priced and we stayed on a rubbish campsite. on our way back to Christchurch we drove through the lakes of the south island which were an amazing turqoise colour and pretty unbelievable to look at!! (Lake Tekapo our particular favourite). On one of the lakes we stopped because we saw people jet skiing and when we got out of the car to have a look one of the yocals said we could have a go!!!! Andy took up the offer, and only fell off right at the end. That nite we stayed in Fairlie and went for a bike ride.

We headed back to a street party in Lyttelton near Christchurch where we met up with Lucy, Matt Jacob etc. We arranged to spend the next few days with them in which we went shopping in Christchurch with Lucy, went to the beach with Lucy and Jacob, sucked at a pub quiz with Matt and his mum and Dad and also went to a kids science museum which was alot of fun>

We headed north for a place called Hanmer Springs where we stayed for 2 nights. on one of the days we decided to go white water rafting which turned out to be a complete farse!! Basically we were told it was a fast river with a few rapids, it turned out to be a slow river with 1 crappy rapid!! Booooo!!! We did however jet boat back up the river which was way more fun although a little bit scary! On the other day we went to the hot springs where they had about 20 different pools all different temperatures heated by the natural springs hense the name Hanmer Springs.

We carried on heading north from hanmer till we got to Kaikoura where we saw a seal colony. the drive from Kaikoura to pelorous bridge was a really nice drive, it went all the way up the coast and we happened to see some dolphins! We decided to stop for something to eat in a place called Havelock, we decided to stop here because as we drove into the town the sign said No.1 place for green lipped mussels in the world so naturally we had to see if there claim to fame was accurate and indeed it was!!!! Pelorous bridge was where we stayed that night, it was a very nice, scenic place and we went on a walk to find 2 waterfalls. Later that night we went glo-worm hunting (after a few glasses of wine)......unsuccessfully!!

We got to Nelson and the weather was rubbish so we went to the cinema and decided that it would be a good idea the next day to start our journey to the glaciers which were about a 7hr drive away! The next day we made it to a town called Hokitika which was an hour away from the Glaciers. On our way to Hokitika we we went through a few interesting towns one called Punakaiki where there are some pancake rocks which elly was really impressed with, i just thought they looked like rocks!!! We also drove through a lot of rainforrest that day which was really nice to look at if a bit scary! Almost forgot in Hokitika we treated ourselves to our first and only lamb in NZ, we both had lamb chops with veggies and potatoes.........AMAZING!!!

The drive to the glacier was fantastic the scenery was beautiful and in the distance you could see this mass of ice on a mountain with rainforrest next to it which was just fantastic. When we arrived at the bottom of the glacier there was a few walks that you could choose from and we chose the one that got you closest to the glacier. The walk alone was really impressive walking through a bit of rainforrest until you got to a river in a valley with to large mountains either side with this amazing glacier in front of you! there were waterfalls everywhere and it was just incredible!! Later that day we decided to drive accross Arthurs pass on our way back to Christchurch. Arthurs pass is a road that winds its way through an area of mountains known as the Southern Alps. The mountains are very tall and very beautiful and the road was quite good fun to drive over as well.

After a couple of weeks of camping, sleeping in cabins or hostels and driving a hell of a long way we decided to book ourselves into a nice b&b in a little fishing village called Akaroa. We treated ourselves to fish and chips and a bottle of wine and just relaxed in the living room of the b&b talking to other people who were doing the same thing! We dropped the tent off at Pete and Emmas (thankyou) the next day and headed for christchurch where we spent our last nite before we had to say goodbye to the beautiful,scenic if a little expensive New Zealand.

Australia here we come!!!



March 19, 2008
Hey guys! What can i say - its looks like you two have been fairly active(!) all this talk of walks and bike rides....i'm v.impressed! No excuse not to join me when your back manc-side now...i know you can do it! Loving your straw hat el...and really pleased with the guys' parosol...very creative of you! Drunken glow worm hunting looked like fun and i can just imagine how happy el was with the colour of those lakes! Miss you both like crazy - hitting thw warehouse project on friday, wish you could come! Keep up the good work, hopefully speak to you soon! Stay cool, big love, julesy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
richard ashton:
March 19, 2008
definatley the gaaaayyyyessssst blog ever. Im so jelous. Hope your having a wkd time
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