Australia - Melbounre and Adelaide

April 1, 2008 - Melbourne, Australia

In Australia now where we have been for the last month! Started off in Melbourne which was wicked! After spending 3 weeks in New Zealand (which was beautiful, scenic and we had a great time but was full of sheep not people!!) we were definately ready for some city action!

The city itself is really quirky and has some really nice little areas tucked away with nice restaurants and bars so naturally we had to try out a few of them!!
It happened to be Melbourne fashion week to which was great for me, not so great for Andy!! i managed to get him into a few exhibitions one day which were amazing, especially the Zhandra Rhodes (my personal favourite- dont think Andy had one!!!) Also happened to be the weekend of the Future music festival so got to see Chemical Bros, Roger Sanchez, Sven Vath, Eddie and some random aussie Djs at a really cool venue with the city in view and 30 degrees weather!- was an ace day!! 

As it was a long weekend there was a big festival down by the river so the whole time we were there there was always something going on- saw some really spectacular fireworks over the river which they did 3 nights in a row!

My personal highlight of melbourne though has to be meeting the legend that is Harold Bishop ( if anyone dosent know who that is then shame on you- and im not gona tell you!)  It was such a funny night, in the bar below our hostel, Harold, Ned and Janae all came for a special Neighbours night and came round and met everyone in the bar personally!!! Harold was such a dude and absolutely hammered! Ned was cool and talked to us for ages- he's leaving soon to pursue a singin career in London ha ha ha!!! Janae didnt really speak to us, so we dont like her! The whole night was such good fun and somehow we ended up winning loads of stuff like a big hamper of random english food!!

From Melbourne we went to Adelaide to visit Andys Uncle Tony, Auntie Lynne and Cousin Sean.  We had such a nice time staying with them and they made us feel so welcome -THANK YOU LYNNE AND TONY!  We did and saw loads while we were there, one of my favourites being the Cleland wildlife park.  There we fed loads of kangaroos and funny looking birds and saw loads of other aussie animals :wombats, tasmanian devil, koalas etc.  One day we randomly went up to a little German town in the hills called Hahndorf and had a a famous 'Hahnburger"!! probably the biggest burger ive ever seen!! It was great!! 

Adelaide itself was a really nice city with a river running through which we went out on a boat on,  We also went to see Colonel Lights statue - the guy who designed the city (an English man!)  and a really beautiful place called waterfall gully.

We spent most of Easter weekend down in Mount Gambier with Andys cousin Sean, his girlfriend Racheal and their friend Paul - THANKS YOU GUYS TO!!  Its about 5 hours south of Adelaide out in the country so all the animals we saw in the wildlife park we actually saw in the wild- it was ace! When we were driving around at night there would be kangaroos jumping out in the road right in front of us! we saw wild emu which was strange and a wombat which was cool! 

The others all have kayaks and go out fishing on the river on them so Andy and I decided it would be a good idea to buy a blow up boat!!  So one afternoon we all went out fishing on the river (bearing in mind i have never fished in my life!!) but it was really good fun! Until it went dark! Trying to row back to the jetty in the dark in a big blow up boat with two tiny oars and trying really hard not to get to close to the side in fear of popping our vessel was a little bit stressful but we made it eventually!!!  we did have one close call with a big motor boat that didnt see us and nearly ran us over, quite funny looking back on it now!!

Everyone caught a few fish but only one (a Mulloway) was big enough to eat that Paul caught! there was a fire so the fish was put staright on it and we ate it outside just sitting by the river- it was ace- couldnt get much fresher fish!!  The next day Andy caught a bream that was big enough to eat so that night we had that and some huge Crayfish that Paul had caught previously! Such a good feeling eating fish that has just been caught!!

There was loads to see around Mount Gambier to, we went to the lakes which were stunning especially the Blue Lake which was blue surprisingly! we jumped in one of the small ones which was fun, climbed up a volcano which was v tiring and went in some caves which was pretty scary (for me- Andy loved it!)

When we got back from Mount Gambier we had a few days in Adelaide before we had to say farewell to everyone and head of to Sydney......


Possum hunting!
Waterfall Gully
Andy, Uncle Tony & Auntie Lynne at waterfall gully
Us with Sean, Rachel and Tony


Dad S:
April 3, 2008
Yet another account of your exploits. Really great to know what you are up to and how much you are enjoying your travels. It feels like you have been gone for years. You really are filling your little lives. Good Luck.
Lynne Magee:
April 4, 2008
Hi we are all exceedingly happy here in Adelaide,
we have had some RAIN, REAL RAIN. Just lovely
reliving your stay here with us, look forward to
an update on your website. Take care, Love From The Magee's xoxo
Dad S:
April 4, 2008
You want rain? we have more than we can handle ..... you are welcome to it. Tomorrow we are forecast snow, you can have that too.
April 5, 2008
Just read the addition to your journalwhat a great time you are having you will have so many happy memories. Are you at Susans yet? It is 1.p.m. here and I am just going to the Windmill until next Thursday so hope I can catch you when you are in the Blue Mountains, Dad seemed to think that you were going this weekend. Take good care keep enjoying

Much love Guardi xxxxxxxxxx
Liz & Steve Gregson:
April 12, 2008
April 12th
Thought it was high time I wrote to you both again. The journal and photos are super, and the ones of New Zealand brought back many happy memories. Havelock, if I remember, had a place called The Mussels Boys where the green lipped mussels were delicious. The glacier walk was just as I remembered. The photos of Australia will help in the planning for our trip.
We are so glad you are haviing such a wonderful trip.
My great neice and her husband had a baby girl last weekend, called Lilia. She weighed just over 5 lbs, but is very sweet. The next baby should be Layla and James' very soon I should imagine, but Liam having a party tomorrow, so hope it is after that !!!!! Will keep you posted, as promised and sned photo.
Elly, early I know, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 23rd.April
Have a wonderful day.
Keep enjoying yourselves
Lots of Love
Liz, Steve and Co.
April 17, 2008
Trying again to left a message, love the pictures so far, sound to be having a wonderful time, customers all send regards, awaitind updates, speak to you soon
Lots of love Mum
April 20, 2008

So pleased can now send you messages, hope you update soon, haven't heard from you in ages, have you left Sidney, Happy Birthday Elly for wednesday, we are holding a curry night, wish you were here!!! never mind I will get everyone to sing!!!! speak to you soon
Lots of Love
Andy's Mum:
April 21, 2008
Hi Kids how's it going? Hope things are good for you both. Happy Birthday Elly, hope you were somewhere nice at the time. Andrew give me a call if you can so I can tell you about the Tea room. Love to you both. If not will send you an e-mail xx
Jenny & John:
April 22, 2008
Hi Andy and Elly,This is to wish Elly a very Happy Birthday,I'm sure it will be one that you'll always remember.
lots of love
John and Jenny
auntie les:
April 22, 2008
Happy Birthday for 24th dear Elly-hope it will be as unforgettable as your trip! I have enjoyed catching up with your journal and photos this afternoon. Lots of love from me and Uncle Paul, who says thanks for his card from Oz!!
auntie les:
April 22, 2008
ooops! Should have said 23rd -! It was our 18th wedding anniversary yesterday- remember the pooh sticks Elly??Doesn't time fly??xx
Dad S:
April 23, 2008
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Elly, Happy birthday to you!" Sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. Have the bestest of days my little 'Umpalumpa'
April 24, 2008
lovely to speak to you on your birthday morning hope you had a super day, will look forward to hearing all about it when you locate an enternet.

Lots of love to you both
Guardi xxxxxxxx
May 2, 2008
Hi Els & Andy,

You look like you are having an amazing time!! What a trip, we're not jealous at all!! NOT!!

Just got back from a couple of weeks in Mexico, I was dragged back on the plane kicking and screaming like a two year old demonic child!! Didn't want to come back to crappy old England!! Happy Days!!

Really enjoy the trip of a lifetime and take it all in, please stay in touch and we'll see you both soon.

Lots of love, James & Suzanne xxxx
Andy's Mum:
May 2, 2008
hi andy and ellie just grandma here have been reading about your wonderful trip. it was good to have you here for a short while, grandpa sends his love he is doing so much better almost his old self. continue to have a wonderful time and take care. Love ya
neville magee:
June 1, 2008
Hi Andy and Ellie,
I have just been looking at your travel expliots it sure looks like you are both having a great time we hope the time to come home does not come to soon.
Take care of yourselves all our love Neville and Eileen
Dad S:
June 4, 2008
It is 8 am here and am thinking of all the food you have described Im off to The Noodle Bar later. Something that we have here that you don't tho......rain, rain and more rain. I now have webbed feet. may I borrow your snorkel... Keep having a great time. Love Dad xxxx
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