Australia continued!!

May 4, 2008 - Airlie Beach, Australia

wow, its been so long since we last wrote so gona have to try and remember all the things we've done in the last month!

We had nearly two weeks in Sydney which were fantastic.  We stayed with relatives of Andys which was so nice (thanks Liz and Amy!!) Did all the tourist stuff, opera house, harbour bridge, markets, aquarium, jet boating on the harbour which was amazing!!! We also had a few nights out on the town which were good fun! we both totally fell in love with the place and were pretty sad to leave in the end but our 'shed on wheels' was waiting for us to begin the trip up to cairns!!

We took the van up to the blue mountains to visit Auntie Susan which was nice and we stayed with her overnight (thanks Auntie Susan). We did a bush walk, went on a cable car and on the steepest railway in the world, an old mine train!

So after sydney we set off in the van, which has been our home for the last month!! we'll put some photos up of it for you guys to see! it is a total shed on wheels but it serves its purpose!!!

The first night in the van we spent in Singleton!!! Australias tidiest town aparantly!!!

We had a few days of bad weather so just headed north to find some sun! we spent 4 days in byron bay, a really nice beach town, soaking up the sun and sea! just inland from there is a place called Nimbin that we went to one day! its a total hippy comune! it was so weird, loads of hippies everywhere old and young just sitting around everwhere smoking da reefa!! strange place!! 

From there we headed north through, surfers paradise and Brisbane and ended up in Noosa for my birthday on the nicest campsite rite next to the river and the beach it was gorgeous! i had such a nice Birthday, Andy cooked me a fry up for brekkie then we went to an amazing market that i wanted to go to for ages, then we hired a little boat and went out on the river with some wine and beers!! in the evening we went out for some thai food with Sarah and Andy a couple we met here. so all in all it was a pretty good day!

Fraser Island was the next big thing we did! we hired a 4x4 with Sarah and Andy and spent 2days and one night camping on the island! Its just a massive sand island with national park on it so there are no roads its all sand tracks, hance the 4x4! it was pretty bumpy most of the time except when the tide was out and we drove on the beach which was good fun! we saw the most amazing lake with bright white sand, it was like something you see on a postcard! Also saw huge sand dunes and a shipwreck and some dingoes (like wild dogs!!) it was a great two days!

We spent the next week at various beach towns and last wednesday came across the nicest campsite we've stayed on so far. it was on a dam and the people were so nice! the Andys spent the days fishing and finally caught us some fish after all this time!! He's been promsing us a fish supper since we left Sydney and finally it happened! We had a campfire and cooked jacket spuds, and all the fish! it was definately the best meal we've had!! Quite a lot of people lived on this campsite so one night we decided to go have a few drinks with the locals and ended up going back to a party in a bus! it was so strange partying with the hillbillies but they did throw a good party!! one quite old lady took a shine to Andy and did a very seductive dance for him!! sick and wrong!!!!

We are now in Airlie Beach, another beach town which is really nice and we've booked to do a skydive on thursday in mission beach! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! cant beleive we've actually booked it, theres no going back now!!! we have also booked to go to magnetic island for a night where we will stay in a hostel which is in the national park and have a champagne breakfast with lamb chops whilst they bring round koalas and snakes for us to hold! it does sound pretty random i know but we've heard its meant to be good!!!

We've seen so much wildlife in the last month, goannas, kanagroos, echidnas, stringrays, parrots, possums, pelicans, kookaburras and loads more i cant remember rite now!! its ace!!

The travel funds have been disapearing pretty quickly as it is quite expensive here so we have decided to go to Asia early now (any donations are more than welcome!!!!!). we are leaving Aus on the 12th of may now so we'll have a few extra weeks over in Asia where our money should go a lot further!

Anyway this has turned out to be a pretty long entry so im gona sign off now! hope everyone is ok back at home! hopefully it wont be to long before we update this again!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx 




May 6, 2008
Hey guys, excellent work on the 'get your tache out' tributes!!! Your van looks ace - like a monster on wheels - and i'm sat here getting v.nostalgic as you play out your trip! Good luck for the ski-dive -hope you enjoy it more than i did!! Speak soon, take care, big love, Julesy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Liz & Steve Gregson:
May 9, 2008
Sorry not to send message sooner, but have been quite busy cuddling a baby called Charlie, who is rather special. I will e-mail another photo.
The trip looks wonderful from the photos. Glad the sky-diving is a thing of the past!!!!
Take care, keep having a good time.
Lots of love
Liz, Steve and Co.xxxxx
May 9, 2008
Hi you guys,

Glad the ski-dive whent ok!! rather you then me!! Everything sound wonderful. Weding plans are realy coming aglong now. BIG KISSES from maddie speak soon xxx
May 10, 2008
Hi guys! Ive actually just SHED over your update and fotoes. Your having the most amazing time and its so wierd being here reading the things youve been doing and it all being real!! Im so pleased for you elly mate. and i cant wait til you come home, although u best not come back all "oh my god im a traveller now and on one else knows anything about anything" other wise there'll be trouble! itll be 6 weeks picking potatoes for you if u are!! love u lots xxxxxxxx
May 11, 2008
just to let you know that Alex jumped down the steps outside the bobby peel last night sat, and broke both his ankles
hope you are enjoying your trip alex didnt!!!!
Liz and Keith:
May 11, 2008
hi guys,
glad to hear you are still having great time, you will probably be in Asia when you get this message.
we didn't make France last week as Keith was taken ill, but a lot better now, so we` are off tomorrow, staying at the Bretagne for 2 nights so will have a drink (or 2) with your Mum and catch up with news there.
well take care of yourselves and enjoy Asia.
Liz and keith
Dad S:
May 13, 2008
Hi you two hope your flight to Singapore was uneventfull. Dont forget to have a Singapore sling in Raffles Long Bar.. have much fun
May 21, 2008
Hi both hope you are doing well soz I haven't written sooner been on nights and only get up when I have to go to work!! Wedding plans are eally coming along. Ring when you can day or night speak soon!!
Love ya!!!!
May 22, 2008
Hello you two Josh is now walking everywhere! and thinks he is very clever I will send you some pics. Look after each other love Dad, ps did you get to see the reds beat Chelsea it was just like carr st all over again in 98 Yessssssss!
June 4, 2008
ahhhhh - can't believe you guys are in Krabi - that was my fav place in thailand! I'm sure its changed loads post-tsunarmi - but if its still there go and have a drinks at Rocks Man bar for me! Ooooh - and when's the next full moon!? Miss you like crazy - wish i was there! Speak soon, big love, julesy xxxx
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