bye bye Australia- hello Asia!

May 14, 2008 - Singapore, Singapore


Hello again!

We are in Singapore which is great- and very sweaty!!! We arrived at about 8pm thinking it would be nice and cool for the trek to find a hostel but oh no, it was anything but cool!! we got the tube to a suburb called Little India which surprisingly enough is just like India! there's bangra music playing full blast 24/7, lots of insense and curry which is ace!!! Yesterday Andy decided to sample some of the local delights so ordered some chicken curry to take out, he was then handed and plastic bag (like a little sandwich bag) full of curry and a fork!! it turned out to be a bag of bones in curry sauce! mmmmmmm, glad i opted out of that one!!

We have had some really nice food here though! they have these huge market type areas called hawker centres that have loads and loads of food stalls cooking lots of random asian food and its really cheap! not sure how hygenic it is as i watched the lady tearing apart some meat with her bare hands then some noodles before putting it in a deep fat fryer type thing that had water instead of fat.  After she cooked it in this thing she scooped out some of the water into a bowl and gave it to me with my noodles- apparantly that was my free soup!! great!  

Anyways, our last week in Australia was pretty exciting, after we left Airlie beach where i last wrote from we went to a place called Magnetic Island.  We couldnt take the vans over there so when we arrived we hired a mini moke!  There was a choice between the little barbie type car we got and a reall old style one like something out of chitty chitty bang bang!! the boys insisted on the barbie car (in pink) so we let them get it!! the island is only about 10km long so it didnt take long to explore it- we went to a few beaches and just chilled out most of the day.  We headed back to the hostel as i had heard that there would be lorikeet feeding.  We didnt have much expectation of this as it was a free thing we just thought we would sit round and watch the ranger feed a bird! oh how we were wrong!

The ranger came and brought a tray of some stickie bread and raisin concoction that looked like sick!! we then had to get some on our hands and hold them out and wait for the birds to come! the ranger dissapeared which we thought was strange, and we waited and waited and nothing then suddenly hundreds and hundreds of rainbow lorikeets came and landed on everyone! this wasnt in a wildlife park or anything they were just wild birds who have learnt that coming here at 4.30 everyday meant they could haver a good feed and peck at some tourists!!  It was one of the funniset experiences we have had this trip! there were birds everywhere, landing on our arms legs, heads, shoulders even if you didnt have any food they were still landing on you and having a peck ! ( Guardi you would of hated it!!!) The noise was so loud, they were all squarking and chirping and buzzing around us, some of them started fighting on my head at one point, but the whole time we were in hysterics it was so funny!! Soon realised why the ranger had scarperd after she gave us the food!!

The next day we had our 'Breakfast with the Aminals!!!' the main reason for going to Magnectic Island.  We had a full on Champagne brekkie, lamb chops and all, whilst the rangers brought round some snakes and a baby croc! there was also a massive black cockatoo  that we could go and hold whenever we wanted! he just sat on a perch waiting for people to come and give him some attention!!  After brekkie we had a talk about stuff in the bush then they got out some green ant tea!! basically a big green ants nest had been put in a jug of  water and left to stew for a few days! we then got to drink some- i avoided the ants then Andy downed the lot!!  Gross!

There was a canadian guy there who was celebrating his birthday woth a big group of people so the rangers decided he deserved a birthday treat! they got him one of those witchedy grubs and challenged him to eat it!  You could see he really didnt wana do it but had no choice!! it was like a real life 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' challenge!!! he did it eventually but looked ready to spew!!  After that came the best bit tho- holding the Koala! it was ace! so cuddly- i really didnt wana give it back!! on the way back to the ferry we went to place where you can see rock wallabies in the wild- they were so sweet, like kangaroos but only about a a foot high!!!

When we got off the island we headed for mission beach where we would be jumping out of a plane the next day!! (thanks dad for the giving it to me for my birthday present!!)

I dont think i slept a wink the night before, Andy on the other hand was out like a light! Dont think was even bothered!!  When we checked in with the company the next morning at 7.30 we were told that we had to wait til 9.30 if we all wanted to go up together (Andy, me, Andy and Sarah) so we waited and watched people get harnessed up and started to get very very nervous!  We were all booked to jump from 9,000 feet but given the option to pay to go higher! we all said no- thats high enough for us!! But then just before our instructors came to harness us up Andy went off and paid for him and me to go higher!! He just cant do things by halves!!!! That just made me so much more nervous!!! Andy was totally playing it cool but i think secretly he was crapping himself!!

The plane ride up there was the worst bit, Sarah and (the other) Andy were sat in front of us as they were jumping first so watching thier faces was awful- i imagine mine was exactly the same!! Then seeing them fall out of the plane was horrible!! it was as if we were never gona see them again!! i nearly started booing and steamed up my goggles!! we had another 5 minutes in the plane to get up to 14.000feet and we flew over the Barrier Reef and some nice islands, but dont think i could really appreciate them at the time! then the door opened and it was my turn!! I dont think i have ever been so scared in all my life, i said goodbye to Andy as if that was the end and i was never going to see him again!!WOT A LOSER!!!!!

As soon as we were out of the plane though it was the best feeling ever! going form being so scared to so happy was Amazing!!! we had about 60 secs freefall that felt like about 5 minutes, rite over the sea and the Great Barrier Reef so managed to get a proper look at it then!!  It was such a brilliant feeling- like nothing else ive ever experienced!! When the parachute was opened i managed to watch Andy come down above us for a bit which was ace! Then he landed on the beach before us as they wre heavier then he was able to watch me land (straight on my ass!) I think it has to be the high light of the trip so far for me (although meeting Harold Bishop has to up there to!!!) We both said we'd do it again right away of we could!!

After that we pretty much just made our way to cairns where we spent a few days, we said goodbye to Sarah and Andy as they went off to South America.  That night though when we got into bed i felt something crawling on my leg- i looked down and saw a huge brown hairy caterpilla!! about 2 mins after that Andy and i were both scratching uncontrolably!!! we think it had been in the van all day and infested our bed covers!! i was so bad we couldnt stop so we ended up in the medical centre- sittin in the waiting area scrathing ourselves like theres no tomorrow!!! we got some tablets and cream and finally stopped scratching about 1am whilst we washed all our bedding an clothes that could of been infested!!! GROSS!!! All that for a bloody caterpillar! it could have at least been something abit more impressive to talk about seeing as Australia has all these deadly animals!!

Anyways, that was the end of Australia, we were sad to say goodbye to our 'Shed on Wheels' but really excited to be heading to Asia!

Thanks for all the messages! keep them coming, let us know whats going on back there!!



Elly in the Moke


Tony Lane:
May 14, 2008
Hello you two

Keep on enjoying yourselves - there are a lot of people enjoying your recounting of your adventures; including me. Keep taking risks; thats life.
May 14, 2008
Hi guys, sound great still! Mads had just looked at all your pics, and says your mising her!!! She's missing you. Take care speak soon.
Amy xxxx
May 23, 2008
Hello you two, Just read your update what a super exciting time you have been having (if you like that sort of thing!!!). I think it is great, keep enjoying yourselves and dont eat too many bones in bags. Thanks for you P>C> from Singapore and I also hear that you have visited Raffles for drinks, I am going to France on Friday 6th June. We will call and havecoffee with Mama and then return to her on our return journey arriving on her birthday and staying three nights. Looking forward to seeing her. Everyone here sends love take good care. loads of love Guardi xxxxxxxx
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