Singapore and Malaysia

June 4, 2008 - Krabi, Thailand

The last three weeks have been crazy, we've seen and done so much so i will give you a brief run down!!!

Singapore was amazing, such a nice clean city, they are so strict on littering you can go to jail for it, but it really works because the place is immaculate! I said before that we stayed in little india which was fantastic, after Andys 'bag of curried bones' we decided to give the local cuisine another try and had probably the best curry ever!!! we had some special rice on a banana leaf then they just kept bringing loads of other random food to go with it, it was great!

The main shopping area didnt really have much appeal as it was just like any other city really and had every shop you can imagine!  The best parts for us though were Chinatown, Arab street, and Bugis street, these were all completely different but all had character.  We ate a lot in Chinatown and the food was so good, mostly from the street vendors as they were so cheap!!  The night markets were great to selling all sorts off stuff from clothes to food to electronic stuff! Think we spent about 3 hours one night just looking round one of them!! (Andy was loving that!!!)

We did the touristy things such as taking a bumboat cruise on the river to see the merlion statue and variuos other things which was fun.  We also went for the very important Singapore sling in the long bar at Raffles which was ace, the hotel was so swanky- like something out of a James Bond film!
So from Singapore we took the bus to Malacca in Malaysia which was.... Interesting!! We got on and off the bus about 6 times, to go through various immigrations it was so strange!! When we finally arrived in Malacca that afternoon it was definately worth it all!!  The place was so nice, set around a little river, i think it had once been a Dutch colony and yu could definately see the influence.  There was a gorgeous littte town square where all the buildings were painted red, then just across the bridge was Chinatown decorated traditionally it was so strange to see both the different styles so close together!

WE found a really nice little guesthouse and the lady told us that it was a big festival that weekend and there would be street markets and all sorts!!  It all started about 6pm and they closed off the streets in Chinatown and had hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of things it was amazing!! The best part though had to be the Karaoke stage!! at one end of Chinatown they had a huge stage with seats in front for a huge Karaoke contest!!  It was so funny- not like the karaoke back home in the pub where everyones drunk and most people are really bad at it- oh no, this Serious stuff!!!  People of all ages were getting up there and trying there very best and taking it very seriously! It was hilarious, some even had dance routines!!

We also went to an art gallery there which was displaying lots of Batik pieces which is a typical Malaysian art form, and ended up buying two pieces! It was only one man and his deaf student who did the art work and they were so talented.  We've not seen anything as good again all through Malaysia.

The morning we left we had to be up early to catch the bus the Kuala Lumpur and as we left there was a big procession in the street.  It was apparantly an Indian Budda's birthday- there were people everywhere all dressed in bright colours, mainly orange and yellow and they were all carrying flowers or incense or bells! the smell and sound was amazing. Unfortunately we had to go and get our bus so we couldnt stop and watch for long but it was great what we did see of it.

Kuala Lumpur was our next stop which really wasn't as great as we expected.  We both had visions of another Singapore style city but it was not like that at all!! It seemed really dirty and so chaotic- it was crazy!!! I think our view of it was scarred a little by the fact that we stayed in the most disgusting room ever!!! we didn't give it a proper inspection before accepting the room which was a major mistake! We later noticed the really dirty sheets and pillowcases and cockroaches- some dead and some alive! Nice!!
Anyways we went and had a look round the city, went to the petronas towers which were impressive! Also saw some wild monkeys which was pretty strange seeing as we were in the middle of the city! Chinatown was pretty cool there, it wasn't as traditional as the others we'd seen, it was just full of stalls selling fake label, bags, shoes, sunglasses, watches etc and everyone shouting at everyone trying to sell there stuff!! One guy followed us around for ages trying to sell us a 'real' Rolex!!
Our guesthouse had a rooftop bar which was cool and gave us free dinner which kinda made up for the scummy room and left us with more money to get drunk so that we could sleep on the horrible bed!!!

We decided to leave K.L the next day as there wasn't really a lot more to see.  We headed to a place called Pangkor Island off the west coast of Malaysia which was really nice and really quiet! It had an amazing beach so we just chilled out there for a couple days and had some great seafood!

After Pangkor we had to head some where with a bit of life as it was the Champions League final and Man U were in it so it was VERY important that Andy could find somewhere to watch it!!!  So we headed for Georgetown on Penang (another larger island off the west coast). 

It was such a buzzing little city and seemed so much cheaper than anywhere else in Malaysia we've been.  We went one of those three wheel bikes that you sit in and a someone rides you around- think its called a rikshaw or something like that!! I think we chose the oldest and slowest little man but he was so sweet and took us to lots of cool things like a really old chinese temple which was so ornate.  We were able to go inside and take photos and the people were really nice and didn't expect anything at all, but we bought an information sheet about the temple and a picture for 3 ringit and they were really pleased with that!  Not the case when we visited an Indian Buddist temple! Our rikshaw driver didn't really seem like he wanted us to go inside  but the guy was calling us so we went in for a look!   he ushered us to the back and put  a red dot on  both our forheads then demanded 20 ringits!! cheeky bugger!! we was quite insistent when we told him we didn't have any money and started to get a bit agressive so we gave him 11 ringits as thats all the change we had.  We asked if we could look around the temple but he said no and we were only allowed to take one photo of some flowers!  I think we were in and out of there in less than 3 minutes!

Anyways, the rest of penang was ace and we got to see most of it on our little rikshaw ride- there were a few 'special' manouvers by our driver though, like doing a u-turn across 6 lanes of crazy malasian drivers! i did fear for my life at one point!!

Man u won so Andy was a happy man ( thank god! duno what would of happened if they lost!!) so the day after we decided to move on, over to the other side of the country to the perenthian islands.

We took a minibus over to the other side which took about 6 hours and left at 5am so we slept the first few hours.  When we woke up we were right at the top of some mountains which were covered in Jungle, it was great! the views were spectacular and as it was morning there was low lying clouds in some of the valleys which just looked amazing.  The rest of the journey was pretty cool to, when we got down from the mountains we went through various little towns and villages which all had lots of cows, goats and chickens just wandering around- random!

We got the boat to and island called Kecil which is the smaller of the two Perenthian Islands.  The speedboat across there was an experience in its self!  It had two of the biggest engines i've ever see on the back and when we got going it was so fast! Every wave we hit we would all come right up off the seat into the air then crash back down again! it was pretty fun- Andy was loving it! It went so much faster then the jet boats we went on in Aus and N.Z!

We arrived at Long beach on Kecil Island and it looked like a postcard, it was so beautiful.   The beach was  really nice white sand and the water was so clear.  The beach was lined with little shacks housing restaurants, a few bars, and places to sleep.  We stayed in a really basic little bungalow which had sea view. It was perfect.  the bungalow only had a bed and fan in it and electricity was only on  7pm-7am.  The shared bathroom was a tin shed outside with a cold shower and  toilet but it really didn't matter as the place was so stunning! Right behind the row of shops and restaurants etc was dense jungle which came down the cliffs to the water at both ends of the beach, the view from our place was amazing- like a proper tropical island!
We had 5 days there and just sat on the beach the whole time! it was so relaxing and so beautiful, and we were so lazy!!!  We thought we should probably do something on our last day as we'd lazed around so much so we went out on a snorkelling trip with a few other people.  We saw so many things it was ace. Big sea turtles, reef sharks, hundreds of tropical fish, amazing coral, it was such a good day! our driver took us to loads of different places and even came in with us and showed us some of the better places to snorkel, it was ace!!

We had some really nice seafood there to, i tried shark and Andy tried barracuda! both were delicious, straight off the bbq!

We were pretty sad to be leaving there but we had to move on and Thailand was our next stop which we were both quite excited about. So we dragged ourselves off and that is where we are now!

Hope everyone is ok- thanks for the messages again! we will put some photos of Malaysia on here soon.


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June 4, 2008
Thanks for josh's pressies. They arrived today. They were lovely. He liked the book and the teddy but appeared to find the T shirt somewhat boring (as he lobbed it on the floor!). He looked at me as if to say, "Clothes AGAIN mum?!!" Thanks again and take care XXX. (Sent you some pics of Josh's party...did you get them?)
Liz and Keith:
June 5, 2008
Hi there,
your journey sounds more amazing at each turn, you took Keith and I back with your last journey through Singapore and malaysia as we have done almost the same tour except the last Island, so will have to share stories about that when we see you next.
Hope you are enjoying Thailand, I am sure you will be as it is similar to malaysia, but we prefer malaysia so interesting to see what you think.
Take care and hope to see you some time over the summer in France maybe, not sure when you are due home.

Love Liz and keith
Lynne and Tony:
June 22, 2008
Hi Elly and Andrew, have just read your update,
and viewed your photo's, just wonderful to sit
back and read about all your experiences. We are
quite sure there are lots more to follow. Enjoy
and take care. Love Lynne and Tony, xoxoxoxo
Liz & Steve Gregson:
July 7, 2008
Super photos and great journal entries. Fun to see Singapore and glad you enjoyed Raffles, what a place.
Have sent e-mail with latest photos of Charlie.
Keep enjoying yourselves.
Lots of Love from us all Liz & Co xxxx
September 27, 2008
i from bissinesof india
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