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April 18, 2015
While some people dream of living on a yacht, in a castle, on a tropical island, my dream was to live in a developing country. I imagined a little known exotic nook of the world which took some effort to get to, offering the perfect mix of simplicity, adventure, volunteer work, and fresh mangos. In 2007, I took a half-year leave of absence from work. We packed a hockey bag with summer clothes, the rice cooker, a Spanish/English dictionary, and moved to Guatemala. I got to live my entire wish...
By Christine in Guatemala the threequel

The Prodigal Blog

April 15, 2015
I thought this blog was lost, victim to a hacked email account. It was found and accessed, unlike my first 2007 Guate blog on the prehistoric MySpace. Feasting and festing are called for. My last entry on Fuzzy was in January 2012. We left Guatemala the following July. Our last twenty month stretch there was packed with experiences ranging from the crazy to mundane. I divided my time between three NGOs, sang in a band, joined a choir, travelled inside and outside the country, experienced...
By Christine in Guatemala the threequel


November 4, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
To Delhi station for the morning express to Kalka (4hrs). Passed quite quickly and a pleasant journey. At Kalka we changed trains onto the 'toy' train to Shimla. Beautiful scenery all the way. amazing room, beautiful hotel (Oberoi Cecil Hotel . Food good. Late 10.00a.m start so sat in the sun for 45mins. before the tour of Shimla. First stop the Viceregal Lodge, beautiful situation built of limestone/sandstone modelled on a Scottish Highland Castle. Very extensive buildings and beautiful...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

4.Amber Fort & Rajasthan

November 2, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Next morning we drove to the Amber Fort -a highlight. Stopped by the lake and took in the whole picture. Elephants looking almost ant-like in size slowly climbing the steep path to the fort all dressed in their red splendour. The walls, stretching across the hillsides for miles. The setting is amazing. The inside of the fort full of tourists, hawkers, elephants and a cacophony of drums, whistles, bugles and snake charmers. The glass roof and walls of the Hall of Mirrors decorated with small...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

3.Ranthambore National Park and journey to Jaipur

October 31, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Set out at 6.45a.m bound for the national park in the 4 x 4's. We saw plenty of monkeys, peacock, sambars and asian antelopes, but unfortunately no sightings of tigers or leopards. Later we returned for breakfast extremely dirty. In the afternoon we returned to the park, but still the tigers were elusive. Left Ranthambore after breakfast bound for Jaipur. After a brief glimpse of the 'Palace of the Winds' we headed to the Astronomical Observatory, very clever but for the scientists. The City...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

2.Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

October 30, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
8a.m. start. Short drive to the Taj Mahal. First sighting despite the crowds very moving. Looked stunning against a limpid blue sky (polluted). Many photos (100's) but the Taj certainly had the 'wow' factor. Next moved onto Agra fort, a huge sprawling red sandstone complex but parts particularly the marble harem worth the crowded entrance. Returned to hotel around 2p.m. hot and tired. Late lunch followed by a very pleasant swim. Tomorrow leaving Agra and onto Fatehpur Sikri. Travelled by...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel


October 28, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Train to London, then Underground to Heathrow. Underground very busy, everyone going to Heathrow. Late flight but on time and a smooth flight. Virgin Atlantic OK but not impressive. Arrived to be met by Delhi's smog, exaggerated by all the fireworks let off for Diwali. Arrived hotel lunchtime, Taj Mahal Palace 5*, very high security. Coach checked as well as every individual. Very unexpected upgrade re-room. Two Tv's- living and bedroom, plus kithen area, dressing area and bathroom. Very...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

5.Cape Town and Cape Point

October 6, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Drove onto Cape Town and Table mountain, going up the cable car. Very windy on the summit but had a good walk around the summit with good views over Cape Town and the coast. Moved onto the very impressive Kirstenbosch Gardens, home to some amazing collection of indigenous South African plants. Walked around the gardens before taking lunch. Then drove through Cape Town to the Protea Hotel. We started the following morning by visiting District 6 museum, where over 6000 of it's inhabitants were...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

1252800 seconden

March 15, 2015 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
Nog maar twee weken, dan is het weer zover: huppelend met mijn handbagage tasje verplaats ik me dan door Istanbul, tussen alle andere toeristen. Op 28 maart vlieg ik 's avonds richting Tanzania, met een tussenstop van 12 uur op Istanbul Airport. Midden in de nacht boekte ik mijn vlucht en ik had de overstaptijd even over het hoofd gezien... De volgende dag kwam ik erachter dat er voor passagiers met een transfer langer dan 6 uur een speciale tour aangeboden wordt: een rondrit door Istanbul,...
By Anke in Tanzania

Strength in the Battle

March 10, 2015 - Mityana, Uganda
Greetings from Uganda! It may come as a surprise to many of you that you are getting a notification of me writing a blog again while I’m in Uganda. This came as much of a surprise to me as well when I found out I was going to be coming here again only 3 weeks ago! Due to a few different circumstances, and with my new job as Sponsorship Coordinator for True Impact Ministries, I am now here officially on business to continue doing the work that God has put in front of us as a ministry and I...
By Sarah in Seeking Glory--Sarah Elbing

4.Garden Route and Winelands

October 1, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Early start, travelling back to Jo'burg, then flying to George in the Western Cape. Travelled Kulula Airways- an airplane that doesn't take itself seriously! Haven't laughed as much for a long time, the announcer was great fun. Knysna, Hollow Country Estate- delightful. Room was white washed, thatched and faced the swimming pool. good evening, meal provided. The following morning drove into Knysna, stunning waterfront and lagoon location. Took the ferry across the lagoon to the Featherbed...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

Esperance to Busselton - The Final Chapter

January 4, 2015 - Busselton, Australia
I know yes I know. It has been such long time since I last wrote and by now, I’m sure you have been wondering what on Earth has happened to us all. Well last time I wrote, Pete had just put his back out and we were about to leave Esperance. Well we left Esperance and headed to the small camp spot at Munglinup Beach. Our plan was to stay for about a week, but we only stayed a couple of days.  It is a nice spot with defined camp sites and a couple of long drops. The local caravan park...
By Tammy in The Richards Roam-Around Oz

3.Swaziland and the Battlefields

September 30, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Early start to travel through Swaziland. Very pleasant scenery, children constantly waving. pleasant lunchspot. Jacaranda trees in full bloom along with bougainvillea and frangipani. Travelled through the highlands of Swaziland to the capital, Mbabane and then onto Zululand in South Africa and the Battlefields Lodge. Beautiful setting but cold, meal OK, enjoyable evening with G&T and wine flowing. Battlefields visit to Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift. At Isandlwana white stones mark the mass...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

2.Kruger National Park

September 28, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
A very early start -5.15am, so packed breakfast necessary. Excellent Day. Very good ranger, lots and lots of sightings. Both of us became quite axcited about spotting the animals. Highlight must have been spotting the three cheetahs. On the way back we saw the leopard which completed the 'Big Five' (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and water buffalo). The evening local 'sing song' turned out better than expected. Young teenagers dancing and singing. Had lots of talent and great enthusiasm at...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

1.Johannesburg and journey to the Kruger

September 25, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Arrived on time in Jo'burg, very hot. After a long journey a shower and hugh lashings of coffee would have been more inviting than the Apartheid Museum. However we were very aware of the logistics and realised that was impossible until mid-afternoon. Arrived hotel 2pm. Welcoming drink and lunch. Rest in the afternoon and buffet meal in the evening. Long drive to Blyde River Canyon, mostly motorway. Still very hot (37'C). Canyon impressive, although view slightly spoilt by fires. Drive along...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

Northern India

October 26, 2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Northern India -including Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, the Ranthambore National Park, Jaipur and the Amber Fort, Rajasthan and Shimla. Depart London Heathrow 27th Oct 2014 at 21.50hrs Virgin Atlantic Airways VS300 Day 2 Arrive Delhi 28th Oct at 11.15hrs. Transfer to Taj Palace Hotel for one night. Afternoon visit the Qutub Minaret. Day 3 City tour including Humayun's tomb, then continuing past the Red Fort to the Jama Masjid mosque. We then move onto Raj Ghat, a fittingly...
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

South Africa

September 24, 2013 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
SOUTH AFRICA -including The Kruger National Park, The Battlefields, The Garden Route, the Winelands, Cape Town and Cape Point Depart London Heathrow 25th Sept 2013 at 21.00hrs South Africa Airways SA237 Day 2 Arrive Johannesburg 26th Sept at 09.15hrs. Visit the Apartheid museum, before continuing to the Indaba Hotel. Day 3 Journey through the Highveld, via Blyde River Canyon stopping to view the Great Escarpment. Continue to Hippo Hollow Country estate, Hazyview, Mpumalanga for 3 nights....
By John in John @ Fuzzy Travel

Ein ereignisreiches Jahr

December 18, 2014
Unglaublich, aber nun bin ich schon zwei Jahre in Uganda. Die Zeit vergeht wirklich wie im Flug. Es gab viele erste Male, unsere Hochzeit, eure Besuche und nun unseren ersten Familienzuwachs. Unser Leben bleibt weiter aufregend und abwechslungsreich! Vieles ist aber auch Alltag geworden und es fällt mir immer schwerer Dinge zu finden, über die ich schreiben könnte. Aber vielleicht ist ja gerade meine „Routine“ für euch spannend. Gerade sind die „Reste“ der letzten...
By Claudia in Back on the road again!


December 5, 2014
SUN 4th JAN Meet 10.00a.m Edale car park -hopefully we will be going up onto Rushop Edge or the Edge of Kinder so suggest we take a packed lunch. SUN 1st FEB Meet 10.00a.m Alport Bridge ( large lay-by on right just after the bridge towards Youlgreave) A walk around the villages of Over Haddon and Youlgreave and the Lathkill, Bradford and Alport rivers SUN 8th MARCH Meet 10.00a.m Cutthroat Bridge (in large lay-by above Cutthroat Bridge towards Moscar top) A walk onto Moscar Edge SUN 29th MARCH...
By Abbey Stollers in Abbey Strollers

Nicht von mir

November 7, 2014 - Neiva, Colombia
Hola, nicht von mir aber es bewegt mich grad: Hermann Hesse Stufen Wie jede Blüte welkt und jede JugendDem Alter weicht, blüht jede Lebensstufe,Blüht jede Weisheit auch und jede TugendZu ihrer Zeit und darf nicht ewig dauern.Es muß das Herz bei jedem LebensrufeBereit zum Abschied sein und Neubeginne,Um sich in Tapferkeit und ohne TrauernIn andre, neue Bindungen zu geben.Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne,Der uns beschützt und der uns hilft, zu leben. Wir sollen heiter Raum um Raum...
By Ann-kathrin in la vida mexicana


October 31, 2014 - Bantayan, Philippines
Been on Bantayan island for 9 days now. Finding it hard to leave. Perfect white sand, empty beaches. Clear_ warm water. Beer at one pound per litre. Food cheap. Decent room at 7 pound a night. Cold shower of course. Enjoyed travelling with my daughter, Eleanor. We were together in Thailand for a week. She is 21 and was overwhelmed by Bangkok, and rightyly so. She is currently travelling on her own in SE Asia. Big respect to her. Travelling alone is hard, and at 21 and for the first time in...
By Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince


September 30, 2014 - Cuzco, Peru
Hola, es wird Zeit, von Peru zu berichten. Hier waren wir vom 9. September bis ungefähr zum 26. September, also fast 3 Wochen. Peru ist wunderbar. Als wir in Cuzco landeten, ohne, dass wir vorher geschlafen hätten, waren wir erstaunlich wach. Es ist ein wunderbarer Ort. Es liegt in einem Hochtal in den Anden, umgeben von noch mehr und noch höheren Bergen. Schon als ich in die Stadt hineinfuhr, ging es mir gut. Wir fanden unser VIP Hostel schnell und fanden uns in einem toll...
By Ann-kathrin in la vida mexicana

Vliegen met Aat

September 22, 2014 - Moshi, Tanzania
Zo vlak voor mijn vertrek naar Nederland heb ik het Tanzaniaanse luchtruim mogen verkennen met een zelfgebouwd mini-vliegtuigje, een kitfox (5H-WKF). Aat, een gepensioneerde Nederlander, die al jaren in Tanzania woont, nam me mee in een wild plan. Hij wilde graag vanuit de lucht foto’s maken van Mambo View Point, een prachtige lodge gelegen in het Usambara gebergte, op 1.5 uur vliegen hier vandaan. Hij vroeg aan mij of ik hem daarbij wilde helpen, dat voelde als een enorme eer. Het...
By Anke in Tanzania

2. Paraguay

September 18, 2014 - Asunción, Paraguay
  Hola, Paraguay betraten wir, indem wir mit dem Bus von Iguazu über Brasilien die Grenzbrücke zu Ciudad del Este überquerten. Als wir dann in Paraguay waren mussten wir im Migrationsbüro einen Einreisestempel abholen. Unser Bus ließ uns raus und fuhr fort, obwohl ich auf den Rat der netten Mitfahrer hin den Busfahrer darum gebeten hatte, dass er auf uns wartete. Also standen wir am Grenzübergang ohne wirklichen Plan, wie wir zu unserem Ziel gelangen konnten. Im Touristenbüro gab man...
By Ann-kathrin in la vida mexicana


September 7, 2014
Today, we got up and went to the Apartheid museum. Obviously, I learned about the Apartheid in school, but entering through separate doors, reading the stories,  and seeing the exhibits really humbled me. It saddens me that throughout history europeans have come to lands that is not theirs, kill the natives, steal the land, and feel justified in their doings. How can you sleep at night? I had no idea about the severity of the Apartheid. It reminded me a lot of segregation in the United...
By The World Traveller in The World Traveller

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