October 4, 2009 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

WELCOME TO MY TRAVELOGUE: Where in the World is...Erich Roger DiCenzo?!

On November 9, 2009, I will begin rehearsals in Cocoa, Florida for the newest and most exciting adventure of my career, and of my life! I have been cast by PGT Entertainment to perform on one of their luxury cruise lines!

My itinerary? The world!!

On December 4, 2009, I will embark the Regent Seven Seas Voyager in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and begin what will be my nine month journey around the world and its seven continents.

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and would like to invite YOU (my family & friends) to join me on my expedition, by staying updated and keeping in touch with me through my online travelogue. I will be journaling every step of the way and including pictures and videos of my travels!


If this is your first visit, please take a minute to look around! Make sure to click on the pictures, map, and profile tabs listed above so you don't miss out on anything fun! This homepage will automatically display my latest journal entries, along with the pictures associated with that entry! Make sure to sign-up for my mailing list to automatically be alerted (via e-mail) each time I visit a new destination!

The confirmation email and subsequent emails tend to go into the "Spam" folder, so make sure to add

Thank you so much!



P.S. Most importantly: Please don't hesitate to communicate with me by leaving your own comments! It will be so exciting to hear from you all and keep in touch! I will miss you!


Canon Rebel Xs
Mino Flip Video
Voyager Atrium


October 8, 2009
Dude! If I didn't get to stay here in the dreary burgh doing the endless daily grind, I'd almost be jealous. Nice gig you lucky mfer. Looking forward to your updates. --W
George & Vera:
October 8, 2009
I think it's going to be a fantastic trip, just watch out as you cruise through the middle east and keep an eye out for those Somali pirates, they're not the Pirates of Penzance!
October 9, 2009
Love you Sir! Good luck and much happiness! Look forward to hearing what you are up to <3
Stacey Lawson:
October 11, 2009
I am so excited for you....but I will miss you...<3
October 13, 2009
Arrick.... you are my bestest friend in the world and I cant be happier to have you back in my life again... I am going to miss you so incredibly its not even funny. But im trying to be tough and put a smile on because i know this is the greatest opportunity dream come true for you ever. I love youuuuuu and I know we will stay in touch :0)
aunt amy & nick:
October 23, 2009
WOW, GREAT, FANTASTIC, Sooooo happy for you and proud. Although, Nick said to get all your shots before leaving. We love you. By the way using Nicks e-mail, no internet out in the "bonnies""hollow" whatever. Have fun - know you will
October 24, 2009
We are so happy for you, Congats!
We would love to join you. Good luck and have lots of fun!
Jeff, Michelle, Dylan, Luke and Quinn
Aunt Reen and Uncle Mike:
October 24, 2009
Well it looks like "settling down" is in the background for now! A superb opportunity - we know you will always remember!
aunt nik:
November 3, 2009
You can't see me, but I'm raising a toast to you right now...so happy for you...enjoy your world without boundaries! Rio and Dublin and Bali-oh my! xoxo, Nik and Dick
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